How To Share An Excel File For Easy Collaboration

If not all, most projects require the use of spreadsheets. They are easy to use and manage—but apart from that, they are almost mandatory for data storage and assessment with its filters and other features. However, collaboration isn’t one of the pros of an Excel sheet. It’s fun and games till one person is doing it, but the heavy files do not support collaboration of different individuals involved in the project. Well, there are things you can do to overcome this setback.

Offline Sharing 

If you don’t have an online Excel database, local area networks are your next bet for enabling the users to access and edit data, more than one-user-at-a-time. If that weren’t enough, all the changes are saved offline securely.

Share a Document

In Quick Access Toolbar, you can see Share Workbook option. Don’t forget to go to advanced and enable track changes and other tools as per your requirements.

Share Excel Files Online

Without a shared local drive, offline sharing becomes impossible. However, sharing Excel files online is a great option for those who don’t work on a local network. Using One Drive or Google Drive you can share the file online for others to access.

Convert Excel to Database

If you and your employees want access to data anytime, anywhere, this is the solution. Doing this enables your business to grow aggressively as multiple people can collaborate at the same time. It also adds security to your data and gives you tons of features for smooth data recording and analysis.

Trunao offers a smooth integration to an online platform, where the size of the spreadsheet does not matter. A simple and effective tool should also be hassle free to use, and getting the data online takes care of that.


Turn Single-User Spreadsheets into Multi-User Business Applications

Spreadsheets have shown no sign of decline in active users; as a matter of fact, the users only keep increasing by the day. The tool has been around for decades and most people reply on it exclusively for their data analysis and collaboration. But with its many pros, there come also some cons that are not to be overlooked. When it comes to multi-user function, Excel becomes unresponsive and laggy. There are ways, however, to turn Excel spreadsheet into app or database for more ease. First thing we need to get out of the picture is the age-old question: is Excel a database software? While it allows database creation, the software becomes slow, which is the opposite of what users want.

The wider a business grows, the more data it assimilates. But that does not have to stop businesses from spreading and taking on new projects with a lot of manpower. Conservative methods to tackle this issue includes sharing the workbook. This allows users to work on their data separately. But in the long run, you’re looking for a revolutionary and efficient way to deal with this. This major issue is taken care of when you move the sheet online. Not only does it give you a new and better interface and look, it gives you accessibility and security for your precious and sensitive data.

Trunao helps you take your sluggish Excel sheet and make it into an online database. This facilitates better security, multi-user access and reliability because of the cloud storage. You need not protect and keep your HDDs in order to secure all the data; that is a thing of the past. With a free Excel database, you can kiss goodbye to the issue of single-user restriction.

Convert Excel to an Online Database

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