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Trunao Excel Online: Tips, Tricks, and Hidden Features You Should Know

If you’ve used Other Apps on your desktop for many years, switching to an online Application may appear like a frightening even unneeded transition.

However, Trunao Online Excel editor has a free trial and provides additional benefits to users who use other apps. If you’re using the Online version, you can connect your spreadsheet with other web-based applications which allows you to collect additional information or automate processes.

The best part is that Trunao helps you collaborate with your coworkers on bigger projects.

Trunao is a fantastic choice for collecting, displaying, and analyzing your data. If you’ve never purchased other desktop version apps, You can start with Trunao for a free trial today. Furthermore, Trunao Excel Online editor offers almost all the features of Excel Desktop and features, so if you’re looking to collaborate or use the internet features, it’s worth making the switch.

We’ll explore the ways to make use of Trunao Excel Online and evaluate the functions of Excel Online against desktop Excel and examine some of the obscure online functions you’ll want to learn about.

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1. Surveys

If you’re using other apps on a computer and you want to make use of third-party survey makers to collect data for surveys. If you’re using Trunao excel to web application, you don’t require this extra step you can make surveys directly on the website.

2. Share Your Spreadsheet

You can share your documents with others and let these individuals edit, or look over your information. In your spreadsheet, you can add the persons with limited full access to other user.

There’s no doubt that there are numerous other tips or tricks and entertaining tools that are only available in Trunao online excel editor free. Try it for yourself tell us via Twitter if you discover any other amazing online features.

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Why you should turn excel to online database?

There are many reasons why you should turn your Excel spreadsheet into a web app. Perhaps you’ve created an amazing spreadsheet that has complex formulas and macros, and you want to share it with the world. Or maybe you have a database of customer information that you want to make accessible to your sales team.

Whatever the reason, there are many benefits to turning your Excel spreadsheet into a web app. Excel spreadsheets are great for managing small amounts of data. But as your data grows, so do the problems with using Excel spreadsheets. Here are some of the reasons why you should turn your excel to online database:

Reasons to Turn Excel into Web App

Data security:

With a web app, your data is stored on a secure server, not on your computer where it can be hacked or lost in a hard drive crash.


Multiple users can view and edit the same data in real-time with a web app, something that’s not possible with a spreadsheet.


A web app can handle much more data than an Excel spreadsheet. And as your data grows, you can add more users and features to your app without any problems.

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A web app can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. With a spreadsheet, you’re limited to using it on the computer where it’s stored.

Professional Look and Feel:

A web app just looks more professional than a spreadsheet. It’s easier to brand and customize a web app to match your company’s look and feel.

Easy to Use:

Web apps are designed to be easy to use, even for people who are not tech-savvy. Spreadsheets can be confusing and difficult to use, especially for people who are not familiar with them.


A web app is more cost-effective than a spreadsheet in the long run. With a web app, you only have to pay for the hosting and development costs once. With a spreadsheet, you have to pay for the software (Excel), the hardware (computer), and the maintenance costs (backups, security, etc.).

Now that you know some of the reasons why you should turn your excel to web application, it’s time to get started! All you need is a web development platform like Trunao. Trunao makes it easy to turn your Excel data into a professional-looking web app with no coding required.

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Who Stands Out Between Spreadsheets And Database

Databases and spreadsheets usually employ various technologies. Both databases and spreadsheets play a vital role in the daily operations of many businesses. It has been a tricky debate for some time now but a clear answer is yet to be underlined.

Excel to Database

How To Create A Web App From A Spreadsheet

Brands and services may come and go, but Microsoft Excel still remains the go-to software solution for unnumbered business organizations worldwide.

Apart from class, Microsoft’s biggest USP over the years has been the ease of access. Excel is used extensively to collect data, analyze risks, plan projects, generate quotes, predict financial outcomes, and generate quotes. But when there is a need of using Excel collaboratively or protecting the data efficiently, that’s the point when things can get out of hands. All of a sudden, the Excel sheet is crashing, the data is corrupt or damaged and you are left baffled.

Blog Excel to Database

Steps to Turn Your Spreadsheets into Multi-User Database Solutions

Are you ready to turn your spreadsheets into multi-base database solutions? If yes, we are ready, to help you with this part let us get started!

In today’s world, every business needs small groups of workers to track the data and share it with the concerned department as a part of the business process. This process is not easy, but it is critical. Most of the IT departments never think about building an official application, so they use a spreadsheet instead.

Excel to Database

Trunao’s Powerful Feature

If you have ever tried to use Excel in a shared mode. You would have come up with a pain point of changing a filter and every one of your users will get the new filter on your sheet.

This causes the users a lot of trouble as any change by one user will change your search criteria. If you hide a column the column gets hidden on all users. The popular spreadsheets lack the ability to independently be able to filter, sort, or select columns.

Trunao has an extremely powerful feature to overcome this drawback called Views.

Each user can simply add their filter condition without impacting other users as every user gets their own workspace.

If they prefer to save this filler for regular use they can do so. By saving and providing a filter name.

In addition to filter conditions sort and column show/hide can be stored and retrieved in each view.

Are you still using Excel or Google Spreadsheets? Time for a change.

Sign-up now and enjoy the features you have been missing.

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Excel to Database

Convert Excel to Database : Manage Your Data with Ease

Managing data is one of the toughest tasks in the world. No matter what field of business you are involved in, you will have to finish numerous tasks involving excel sheet. You can convert excel to database to ease such tasks. If you operate a small business, then it would do to organize data in the excel sheets and then share that through emails. Microsoft excel is most popular and powerful spreadsheet program and is used in almost all worldwide locations. For multiple reasons though, several people look for converting the excel sheets to databases.

Convert Excel to Database


  • A central location for all data
  • No file too big email bounces
  • Complete security for all data
  • Easy to use and maintain them
  • Customized roles and permissions
  • Easy to share with the rest
  • Low cost and time saving


There are tools available in the market which one can easily use with an aim to convert excel to database. You should buy a new and latest tool because low quality and free ones might result into corrupted, compromised, and confusing data, resulting cost to your firm big time and money losses. It can also lead for the employees to make incorrect decisions. Therefore, organizations are advised to buy high quality, latest and cost effective ones for best solutions.


If you want to manage your business data effectively, you can explore buying the Trunao data management tools. Such tools would be helpful to convert excel spreadsheet to web application free. Trunao converting tools are user-friendly and they also come with several useful and unique features like the master-detail, attachments per record, change history per cell among others.

To know more about the performance of tools, create a Trunao account by signing up now for a free trial to move your first Excel into online database within minutes. We create the data by helping you to convert excel to database instantly to make operations easier.

Excel to Database

Manage Vital Company Data Through Converting Excel To Database

It is not an easy task to manage your day to day data hassle-free. If you run a company, then you must understand the importance of data and feel it that your MS Excel sheet might lack some workflow logic to team collaboration mechanisms. It is high time then to convert your spreadsheets to an online database instead.

Excel is a great spreadsheet management application. It might fail when it comes to managing large data with ease. If you need to handle concurrent users’ access according to their role-based restrictions, you should rather consider converting your Excel spreadsheet to a database.

Advantages of Converting Excel to Online Database

Excel sheet lacks data sharing capabilities. And, it doesn’t provide support for any individual access restriction functionality. Below are the features for which you need to start converting Excel Spreadsheet to Database.

  • Provide a central location for all data
  • File too big, email bounces
  • Offer complete security
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Customized roles and permissions
  • Easy to share with others
  • Competitive pricing
  • Time-saving option

Mobile-Ready Features

Online databases are popular now as mobile-friendly options. Countless tools and technologies available in the market today. Various companies employ such tools to convert excel spreadsheet to web application free. You can choose tools that guarantee for converting your Excel spreadsheet to a database easily with its latest features. Low-quality tools might lead to getting access to corrupted data. It might cost your firm a huge time and lose money. Therefore, you should not compromise with the quality thus buy high quality, the latest and cost-effective tools.

Trunao is one of the few trusted companies that offer such service of helping to manage the Excel Spreadsheet to Database solutions. Evaluate multiple features offered by the paid services for the maximum variety of services. As your data is an important factor, you must look for the securest options. They are secure and effective.

Get in touch with those already using such tools. Online reviews and testimonials can also prove helpful. Your search for the reputed company will take you to those that offer great tools with numerous latest features.

Excel to Database

Secure Database from an Excel Spreadsheet is Possible Now

Fast developments in the Information Technology (IT) sector have already eased many things. It is indeed a child’s play to maintain any Database from an Excel Spreadsheet in the current scenario. Deliberate and consequent steps are required to get such things done hassle-free. It can be easily done if one is trained once on the use of Microsoft Access for the following:

Secure Database from an Excel Spreadsheet

  • Create a new database
  • Procure data from external data tab
  • Keep Excel ready in a toolbar for data
  • Locate and use Excel spreadsheets
  • Data transfer specifications
  • Once done, click OK to complete the task

Online solutions

Besides offline options, several online solutions are also available beforehand. It is an easy process to go for Excel to Database Online through using the Internet in a mere couple of minutes. In fact, it hardly takes time to convert MS Excel to web database if one is well-planned in the whole procedure. Such options are quicker as well as easier. They even don’t need any coding to get the tasks completed.

Managing a Database from an Excel Spreadsheet is an easy affair now due to the availability of unlimited options. Many smart web database facilities are already in practice nowadays. It simply requires few clicks to get such tasks done without facing hurdles. Their added benefits are as follows:

  • Simple & fast Microsoft Excel data transformation
  • Online data transformation in just fraction of minutes
  • Automatic worksheet conversion into web databases
  • Easy reports, charts, and dashboards creation
  • Facilities for an online data sharing

Furthermore, Excel to Web Application Online remains the safest choice for other reasons too. As password-protected facilities are there one can easily share data with peace of mind. There is no worry about losing data because all steps are thoroughly scalable and secure.

Trunao Solutions

A fast growing IT company, Trunao brings best solutions for online databases. Our Excel to Database Online solutions are exclusive and safest choices to rely on for all purposes. It can be database creation for business purposes or any personal reason. It brings genuine solutions to cater to the exclusive needs.

Visit us at to find more.

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How data driven is your organization?

Around 56% of small to medium enterprises struggle between managing and maintaining their databases. Most of these businesses are at a loss while deciding to choose between using simple MS Excel spreadsheets and investing money in maintaining a cloud database solution. While both of these solutions have their respective benefits and advantages, the key difference between the two is that simple spreadsheets analyze data while database solutions uphold and maintain data. Convert Excel to Online Database

While technologies around us begin to transform from analog to digital, it becomes important for businesses to catch up on this digital transformation in order to stay in the competition. One of the most important steps to digital transformation is maintaining data in the cloud. Not only is this a smarter and a more efficient method compared to Excel spreadsheets but also increases the overall productivity of the business. There are several cloud database solutions out there. Some of them include programming in Tableau and MySQL whereas others include renting out relational database management systems from companies like Salesforce and Microsoft. While these are the most frequently used solutions utilized by larger enterprises, many of the smaller businesses hesitate to employ these solutions due to a lack of programming expertise in the team or a lack of funding to invest in ready-made CRM solutions.

Maintaining a cloud database is inevitable for any company in the market. Hence, in order to make this process a lot easier for small to medium enterprises, Trunao offers a readymade solution to fix this problem. Trunao is an excel to a cloud database converter. It is a simple solution that allows organizations and corporate users to upload their simple Excel files and instantly convert excel to web application free them into a ready-to-use database. As like mentioned before, this database turns out to be extremely useful in analyzing the daily routine of the company by providing empirical statistical solutions such as pivot table or smart analyses such as form and report generators, linked hierarchies between forms, real-time document and photo uploads linked to every row of the data, auto-save features and much more! Trunao is simply a user interface tool made to make the business processes of small companies much easier so that these companies stop worrying about managing and handling their data and focus entirely on their product development and marketing.

Finally, the main question that comes to anyone’s mind when they hear the word ‘cloud’ is whether their data will be secure. Trunao takes care of this concern by offering an end-to-end encryption feature to all its users. This feature creates a tunnel between the user and his/her data where there is no chance of any third-party interference. Hence, keeping the data secure and completely isolated. Additionally, it employs a cryptic architecture as well. By doing this your data can only be viewed by you and the people you share it with.

While these features might seem overwhelming and costly, Trunao offers free and unlimited access to the cloud to its single users, whereas a $10 per month subscription to its corporate users with a free 30-day trial period. Hence, not only is Trunao a cost-effective and efficient solution for data management but is also a quick and easy fix to problems faced by small and medium enterprises regarding their data.

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