Top 7 Reasons to Make Your Excel Spreadsheet into a Web-Based Application

Recently, we’ve seen a trend in requests from potential clients. Organizations are bringing us complex Excel spreadsheets and asking for conversion into web-based decision support tools–though these have limitations as well! On the other hand, there are Google Sheets which offer more flexibility with control over how it works; this could be an option worth looking at if you’re constantly dealing with large volumes of data or need access anywhere anytime 24/7 without having to install software onto your desktop computer every time somebody wants something changed.

After speaking with several organizations requesting that we bring their excel to database, I’ve identified five key reasons why you should convert your spreadsheet into a web-based decision support application. This will make the tool more useful and secure for users while also making it easy for them since they won’t have to install anything onto their computer or save any files in order to use what was already there!

Protect Intellectual Property

Information about your custom Excel tool is a lot more complicated than it seems. You have to first ask them if they want to access them before sending any document at all, which means there’s no way for you or anyone else who might be interested in the information being shared with other people outside of those involved directly within these transactions – not even their colleagues!

Push Updates

Web-based applications make it easy to push updates and refresh your product regularly. With Excel, you have to create an entirely new document with every update which can be difficult if people are using outdated formulas or versions of the tool that needs updating! The regulatory landscape changes constantly so we don’t want our old tools being used anymore because they might contain errors.

Collect Payment

Web-based applications have many benefits and one of those is that they can be used with payment built right in. This means there’s no need for an extra fee or any other hassle, so you’ll find more people using these types of tools than ever before!

Improve User Experience

With a web-based application, people can be led through the tool step by step without being overwhelmed with information. This means they spend less time learning how to use an Excel spreadsheet and allow themselves more freedom for decision-making or other important tasks while doing so!

Facilitate Public Engagement

With a web-based tool, leaders are able to drive conversation and share knowledge seamlessly with just the computer screen. The flexibility of this system opens up new opportunities for decision-makers who need tools in order to prioritize tasks while communicating important information during public-facing meetings or events.

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Reduce Data Restrictions

These benefits of geospatial data over Excel spreadsheets are clear, with the ability to automatically pull in local weather information on request. Additionally, an API can be built into your website that allows for easy access and updates from anywhere at any time!

Add Visualization

Visualizations are a great way to help people understand complicated information. When you’re using Excel, it’s hard for your audience to see the forest instead of just trees because there isn’t any real layout or design sense in how data appears on a spreadsheet – which makes these tools less effective than they could be otherwise! A custom visualization can easily become part of a web-based decision support system so everyone working together has access to all relevant insights at once.

Excel is a great tool for building your own models and calculations, but it can be tough to keep up with all the latest changes in Excel. When you need something new or want custom features that are only available on newer versions of Microsoft Office software. Then our team has got just what will work best! We’re experts at designing web based excel application tailored specifically towards users who have specific needs contact us today if this sounds like something of interest.

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