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Convert your Excel Data into Online Database.

Just upload your file and we do the rest. Online Database will be ready with all screens and features you need to go live with absolutely no programming skills or knowledge required.



Trunao has few but powerful features that helps you to extend usability on your tabular data. Here, We are giving you new features which allow you to take smart steps to get your work done.


Link Two spreadsheets in a master-detail style.


Visualize data with the help of Charts.

Built in Filters and Sort

The Filters and Sorting is predefined. If you see a column then a filter for that column is auto added. Also a fast all column filter is available.


AutoSave is built in all the screens. User will not loose data because she forgot to click the Save.


Share you Online Database with your colleagues with appropriate permissions!

Document Store

Attach documents/images to each record. Its like having DropBox associated with your records.

  • Testimonials.

    My organization maintains several large databases. Trunao has helped us to organize and display them in a way that is conducive to easy searching, and has helped us make sense of an organizational nightmare. We are continuously impressed by its functionality, and have found it incredibly easy to use. The support team is very professional, and puts customer satisfaction at the top of their priorities; showing a level of dedication rarely seen in this day and age. Thank you to Trunao! We are so happy to have found you!

    Jeremy Berry-Cahn, São Jorge Genealogy