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2.5 Integrate Spreadsheet into Website or WordPress Site

Many have requested on how to use Trunao to Integrate or Embed it into Websites or WordPress. The following steps will allow you to do so quickly and efficiently. Please make sure that you have already imported your sheets from Excel, Google, or CSV into Trunao.
Once you have imported your listing screen on Trunao would look something like this.
On the Form menu select More Options.
On the More Options Tab, there is a panel named Share link for public access.
Enable the Shareable Form Row Link.
This enables the following option on the panel.
Enable the Shareable Listing Link toggle button.
Click on the Copy link. You can test this link on a different browser page. The view looks like this.
Create an embedded code using an iframe tag and adding this link to the page you would like to show.
Code Sample: <iframe width='100%' height='600px' frameborder='0' src='https://trunao.com/form/Sharelink/671935bf-6c66-11e9-a106-0050560aae65/0/0/kaErVUjp/embed'></iframe>
Adjust your width and height as per your website page. For a production example, sample click the link below.
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