4.6. Bottom Center Toolbar

On the Bottom Center Toolbar of the Listing Tab following features are available
4.6. Bottom Center Toolbar
This toolbar has a player button to pan through pages.

First Page

1. First Page
Click this to move to the first page..

Previous Page

2. Previous Page
Click this to move to the previous page..

Next Page

3. Next Page
Click this to move to the Next page.

Last Page

4. Last Page
Click this to move to the last page.

Current Page

5. Current Page
This shows the current page number. It can be also used as a page jump by just typing teh page number you need to jump too.

Total Pages

6. Total Pages
This indicates the total number of pages for all the records in the form.

Page Size

7. Page Size
Here you can choose the number of records shown per page. There are various options of page size. Note the selected page size is per user and the next time the user comes to this listing for this form the previously selected page size will be displayed.