4.1. Left Toolbar

On the Left Toolbar of the Listing Tab following features are available.
4.1. Left Toolbar


Click this icon to refresh the data from the database.

Add New Row (Insert Record)

Click this icon to Add a new record to the database or Insert record. This will open a separate tab. The form is auto-create for data entry.

Edit Selected Row(s)

Click this icon to edit records using the Edit Form Tab. Important thing to note is click the check box next to the row you need to edit. You can select multiple rows to edit or use the column check box to select all on the page.

Duplicate Selected Row(s)

1. Duplicate Selected Row(s)
Select this icon to Copy & Paste the selected rows. All the records that were selected using the row checkbox will be duplicated exactly.

Delete Selected Row(s)

2. Delete Selected Row(s)
Click this icon to delete selected rows from the listing grid. To select use the checkbox at the row level.