5.1. Hierarchy between Forms

This section covers how Hierarchy helps in setting up relations in a Parent-Child or Master-Details between 2 forms.
5.1. Hierarchy between Forms
Use this section to Add Hierarchy to your Form. Please verify that you are currently in the Form that you want to setup.

Enable Hierarchy

1. Enable Hierarchy
Turn the switch to ON in order to enable this feature

Form Column/Field

2. Form Column/Field
Select the Column/Field that will be used as a link to the child Form. It is important to keep in mind that the selected field should have unique values only.

Child Form

3. Child Form
Select the Child Form that will be linked to the current Parent Form

Child Form Column/Field

4. Child Form Column/Field
Select the Column/Field in the Child Form that will linked to the Parent Field. This selection is important to build the relationship. Incorrect selection will mess up the relationship.

Process Hierarchy

5. Process Hierarchy
When this button is clicked, the system will use the Form Column to look at the Child Form Column values and link them together. Once this process is complete, Trunao will take you back to the Listing Tab.