4.4. Inline Form Editing

This documentation provides details how the Listing Grid can be used to edit data directly in the grid.
4.4. Inline Form Editing
Double click the field you need to edit to put the selected row-cell in a edit mode.

Date Cell

1. Date Cell
If a Date Cell is put in edit mode then a Calendar icon is displayed. Click the Calendar icon to show the calendar to select the appropriate date.

Hover Over Details

2. Hover Over Details
Cells that have more data then currently show shows a hover over details when the move is taken over the cell..

Text Cells

3. Text Cells
Double click the text cells to provide a Text box for the user to change the value. Once the user is done with value changes she can click Enter to save the data and then click the arrow keys to move to the next cell.
Double Clicking a DropDown Cell will display the dropdown options of the column. Select the correct value and move to the next cell you need to change.