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  • 2.2. How to Embed Spreadsheet into Website?

2.2. How to Embed Spreadsheet into Website?

The above question is handles the embedding of the Trunao Listing screen to your website. This can be achieved by following the steps below.
Note: This feature is only available to Corporate registered customers. If you need to switch to a Corporate account please contact Support.
First Open the Form that you plan to Embed into your website. Once the Form is open, click on the Form menu and select More Options.
Look for the Share link for public access panel
Click the ON/OFF switch to the ON position in order to enable the share. Please note you can easily turn this feature off by switching to OFF position.
Click the copy button to copy the link to your clipboard. Paste this link on a Browsers URL to test.
Open a Notepad or any Editor of your choice and create a string similar to the one below.
<iframe width='100%'  height='600px' frameBorder='0' src='https://trunao.com/form/Sharelink/d699d4aa-3e0e-11e8-a072-0050560aae65/0/0/KXgNtsLi/embed'></iframe>
Now you can take the code created by you with the iFrame and paste it into your website code. You can adjust the width and height according to how it looks on your website.
All of this here is a sample client's public site.