Convert Excel to database with Trunao

Microsoft Excel is a great way to keep your data organized. However, after a while, you wind up with dozens of different spreadsheets that take up badly needed space on your hard drive. If you are running out of places to store your data, you should consider getting access to an online Excel database where you can store an infinite amount of information at a low cost. Trunao has developed an easy-to-use web-based data management application for that very purpose, so that you no longer have to deal with endless spreadsheets.

Benefits of getting an Excel to web app

When compared to other online database management systems out on the market, Trunao has more and better benefits and features for its customers:

  • automatically generated forms can be easily customized;
  • databases can be shared with clients, partners, and employees;
  • autosave feature;
  • no installation necessary;
  • fast load time with no lagging;
  • cloud-based systems so that you never lose your data;
  • all data is secured using Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS).

There are many more features available, but you will not get to use them unless you become one of our partners!


Create form from Excel using upload. Collect info from your clients by just sending the link. The Forms are built automatically. Customize them as you please with drag&drop.

Built-in Filter & Sorts

The Filters and Sorting is predefined. If you see a column then a filter for that column is auto added. Also, a fast all column filter is available.

Secured Share

Share you Online Database with your colleagues/Family with appropriate permissions! You control who the column formulas and values.


AutoSave is built-in all the screens. Users will not lose data because she forgot to click the Save. Plus you get all your data from Forms even if the user doesn't hit submit.

Document Store

Attach documents/images to each record or create a column for documents/images. Its like having DropBox associated with your records.

Column Level Property

Change column level functionality with our easy to use editor. Formulas can only be edited by admins. ANy changes done to columns is instantly available to all without applying to all cells.

Convert spreadsheets to databases affordably

You cannot find a better deal on database management software than from Trunao. Recognizing that different customers have unique needs, we offer several packages:

  • free services for single users;
  • corporate accounts that can be used for only $8 per month/limited time;
  • autosave feature;
  • enterprise accounts for 50 or more employees with a price determined based on your organization’s needs;
  • all charges are billed annually.

What is more, all new customers get a 14-day free trial that does not require you to give us your credit card information. If you do not like the program, feel free to cancel the subscription without any charges.

Convert Excel to web application today

Our cloud-based data management system is useful for multiple purposes, and it can be yours today. You will no longer have to worry about hard drive crashes resulting in your data being gone forever. If you would like to make a purchase or learn more about our software, contact our customer service representatives by phone or through our website. They will be happy to answer any questions you have or help you make a purchase. Whenever you need database solutions, you will always find them at Trunao!


Jeremy Berry-Cahn
São Jorge Genealogy

My organization maintains several large databases. Trunao has helped us to organize and display them in a way that is conducive to easy searching, and has helped us make sense of an organizational nightmare. We are continuously impressed by its functionality, and have found it incredibly easy to use. The support team is very professional, and puts customer satisfaction at the top of their priorities; showing a level of dedication rarely seen in this day and age. Thank you Trunao! We are so happy to have found you!

Hugh M
SVP Global Sales

Trunao has delivered exactly what I was looking for: An easy way to make large amounts of spreadsheet data manageable and searchable. Uploading my data was simple and I was up and running in minutes. The support team at Trunao was super responsive and even offers customizations if needed. I would recommend them to anybody who needs to convert large spreadsheets to an easy to use the database with an intuitive user interface.

Frederick D.
President/CEO, Silver Lake Development

We have found to be exactly what we needed for a large data entry project. Seven data entry people have been able to share the input form with no collisions. Amazing! The import process is excellent. The flexibility with filtering and sorting is superb. Very very fast loading of large data sets too. A website version of the list view is also available which only adds to the flexibility of the tool. We also have been very impressed with the speed of Customer Support when we have had questions. This has been an excellent experience for us.

Adam Howell
The Cornell Local Roads Program

Trunao has been an excellent partner in helping us organize and distribute information about training opportunities to our audience. Their customer support has been responsive and very helpful throughout the process of developing and hosting our training database.

Alessandro Galati
Tieffe Group

Having used Trunao for a while, I might say the service it gives to render an excel spreadsheet into an online database is awesome!Price competitive and an excellent customer service always ready to help!

M. Schenk
CEO, Cool-Air Netherlands

Trunao has been an excellent partner in helping us in developing and hosting our company database.

We now can manage crucial information with our employees. We now have a complete view an can easily see who the customer is, can see what they have as (hardware) portfolio, detect maintenance, response to problems and record solutions. We can mail a service form if the customer needs technical information.

The support team at Trunao is responsive and even offers advise us customizations if needed. Trunao has helped us to transform Excel sheets and display in a database them in a way that is conducive to easy searching. We are continuously impressed by its functionality, and have found it incredibly easy to use.

The support team is – like our own team, very professional, and puts customer satisfaction at the top of their company priorities.