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excel to web app

Excel to Web Application

Are any of these applicable to you? You are at the right site. You have a Web Application in mind and have been implementing it on Excel. Unable to share with your customers with the fear that you will lose your IP. Office web apps are web based excel application that allow you to view and edit Microsoft Office documents. Your concept of Web Application works but limited in generating revenue due to limitation in Excel. If you want to create excel web application, then you should go with excel to web application development.

Trunao pioneering no-code app builder and the integrated online database will take your Excel spreadsheets to the next level. Convert your excel spreadsheet to web application free in minutes using a feature-rich no-code app builder. You can publish worksheets online, collaborate securely with numerous users, and construct powerful business apps without writing code. On top of your data, quickly create interfaces like forms, charts, and reports. You may easily create online Excel applications with our guided development workflow and point-and-click capabilities. Let's convert excel sheet to web application!

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Customization of your Web Based Excel Application

There are multiple customization available as Admin for you.



The List view is the ideal choice if you usually work with to-do lists and require a simple overview of your chores and provide a summary of all tasks.



You can design custom forms in the Form view, share them outside of Infinity, or embed them on your website to collect data directly into Infinity.



A Trunao board is a terrific option for anyone who wants to keep track of their activities, projects, and progress in a more visual manner, with all data readily available.


Additional Features to your Users like Charts, Pivots etc.

Trunao allows the construction of powerful Reports that allow you to see your data in various forms to meet your individual business requirements. The Report Builder is a drag-and-drop interface that allows you to drill down into your Trunao app's existing Reports and view them as Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts.


Embedding Forms & Listing to your site

The Application owner can utilize the Embed Form to embed the Form on web pages and blogs, among other places. You can also enhance the aspect of the embedded Forms to match the style and feel of your website.


Custom Login

You can log in to websites with only one click with our Trunao Vault. You will never have to fill in another password, and you can automatically custom login without leaving the site.

Trunao is a Great Way to Convert Spreadsheet to Web Application

Nowadays, there is a huge number of excel to web app free. Upload your file using our Import functionality. The Import process is simple to use and highly intelligent. The process can read your file understand the type of data you are importing. Set up the column/field type. Builds a Form that is easy to use, ready to share or email your customers. Add all the required field validation. All the above process is completed as part of the Import in minutes. Let’s import and convert excel into web application today!

excel to web application

Why Trunao?

Here are a few reasons why our customers choose Sandbox.

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Easy Usage

A solid foundation is essential for faultless organisation and the finest potential outcomes. Furthermore, putting things up can waste even more of your already limited time. Customizing our web applications is easier, and this makes it easier to change the app's look and feel and customize the way information is presented to different user groups.

  • As a result, the Trunao web application is very easy to use
  • Our advisors give you advice on how to use.
  • So that you may work efficiently
  • We can even do everything for you if necessary.
  • Trunao environment will be good and easy for you
  • Easy and fast to run from anywhere
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Fast Transactions

Trunao - Web Based Excel Spreadsheet Application handles your money, keeps you from compliance, automates business procedures, and lets you work together across departments. We handle all of your accounting activities, from contract negotiations to sales orders, so that you can focus on your business. So our transactions will be faster and help manage all your business transactions in one place.

  • Trunao payments will be simple and fast
  • You can give fast payments option and get paid fast
  • Create fast invoices for your clients
  • Handle returns and refunds
  • Verify transactions before sending
  • Easily set up credit cards and pay securely
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Secure Payments

Trunao was created with your needs in mind. You can create a bespoke payment page in just a few minutes and begin receiving payments securely. Without writing a particular line of code, you can create a secure payment website. You don't have to worry about coding or hosting because we do it for you.

  • Make your payment page your own
  • We offer a seamless, secure payment experience
  • The recurring transaction with hassle-free of payment
  • We provide a secure way to pay
  • Your payment is therefore secure from inside access
  • All data is backed up on various servers in multiple locations daily

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form.

You can establish online databases and store, manage, transform, and connect your data with our online database software. Trunao online database technologies allow you to construct no-code or low-code business applications to manage your business data better. Convert Excel into Web applications free using Trunao. Microsoft Excel is a powerful and very popular software application.

You do not have to build up your database from scratch because Trunao web based excel spreadsheet software comes with pre-made layouts you may use and customize. You can then import data into your online database once you have set the proper database outlook.

Yes. Trunao presently provides lifetime membership plans, which allow you to access for the rest of your life for a single price.

With lots of configurable attributes, project views, an endless number of folders and subfolders, and advanced customization options, we give you a lot of flexibility and freedom when it comes to project management. This assists you in creating and managing an online database quickly.

Nope. Without needing to be a developer, we make it simple to transfer data between programs. We may need you to locate Information for some accounts, but we will walk you through any further steps you should take, and our support champions are available via email to assist you if you need it.

Yes, when you sign up for a Trunao, you will get a trial of our Professional plan.

Every form of business revolves around data. Using our top-of-the-line applications and software to make the most of all aspects of data is essential. Trunao will assist you in saving, editing, and tracking all of your work data. Your firm can be more effective and productive with the right database management software.

If you are looking for web based excel spreadsheet here is web app which can help you to convert excel into web application. We can assist you in organizing, and also Information about your product inventory can be stored in a database. An excel database can be used to keep track of sales, expenses, and other financial data.

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