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Easily Convert Your Excel spreadsheets to an Online Database

Streamline your business work flow by converting all your excel spreadsheet data to a database with Trunao fast, efficient, and easy to use!

Are you running out of space with your dozens of spreadsheets filling up your hard drive’s limited space?

Does tones of spreadsheets interfere with your work flow?

As of now, you may have known why excel is not a database.

Trunao is an efficient software that allows you to easily migrate your excel spreadsheets fast to an online database.

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What can Trunao do for your business?


Ultra-fast development

With Trunao point-and-click capabilities, you can create apps 10-20 times faster than with traditional methods. It is built on the best Web Services, which provide improved scalability and cloud capabilities.


Unlimited structure

To handle large workloads, Trunao is the only database system support you will need. Its one-of-a-kind arrangement makes it a breeze to add up, create, organize, and manage data in boards, folders, and subfolders.


Simple task management

Handle the Activity Log to keep track of all changes to items or boards, use the Comments Section to connect with team members, configure task alerts under Notifications, and use the Public Board to share your work with people outside of Infinity.


Multiple customizations

You may put together your database in any way you like, from diverse views to powerful filtering, grouping, and sorting options. Only display the data you want in the format you desire.

Easy database access rights management

Consider using a centralized online database instead of Excel. Trunao provider makes it simple to migrate your existing spreadsheets to the cloud. Automate the way you collect and distribute data by creating secure, interactive web database apps. Trunao - Excel to Web App is built on enterprise-class SQL servers that can easily handle databases of any size and number of users.

easy manage

What’s more?

Trunao is a superior database management app because it’s built to.

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  • Work for everyone- No coding required.
  • Automatically save your data even you don’t click 'save'.
  • Easily accessed from anywhere, anytime.
  • Provide backup features to secure your data.
  • Manage user access rights based on their roles.
  • Instantly secure and setup files based on your preferences.
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  • Filter, sort, and group all files in columns.
  • Load extremely fast.
  • Collaborate with your form shared team.
  • Allow you to customize the way you want your data stored with amazing flexibility.
  • Collaborate with your team via data visualization features.

Frequently Asked Questions

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In the trunao platform, you can upload an Excel file from your local device. Then, using our point-and-click and drag-and-drop tools configure your data types and table associations.

Upload your existing Excel sheets and using Trunao advanced import features. CSV files are uploaded to the cloud. Trunao also supports the transfer of MS Access databases, making it the most versatile tool for moving on-premise databases to the cloud.

Choose the option to import your existing Excel spreadsheets when building a new app after joining up for a trial and logging into your account. Our Online point-and-click tools take you through our no-code development process from table configuration through user authentication and publishing programs.

You may embed your Excel sheets on any website, intranet, portal, or CMS by turning them to web applications. Simply copy and paste the deploy code we have prepared for you into your website.

Yes, you can use your existing Excel spreadsheets to make an app. To construct powerful, database-driven web apps, import your Excel files into our trunao and use our straightforward app builder. No coding is required to create dashboards, expense reporting tools, calculators, invoice processing apps, and more.

Expand your database to meet your requirements. Our trunao scales automatically to meet increased demand.

Our trunao powered Excel database contains millions of records, and you will get ideal response times with a number of benefits.

Trunao authentication mechanism is powerful and adaptable, allowing you to password-protect your data. Set up role-based access for each application, all the way down to the individual records.

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