Key Features of Trunao

Just upload your file and we do the rest. Online Database will be ready with all screens and features you need to go live. Trunao is 100% no-code.



Collect info from your clients by just send the link. The Forms are built automatically. Customize them as you please with drag&drop.


Built-in Filter & Sorts

The Filters and Sorting is predefined. If you see a column then a filter for that column is auto added. Also a fast all column filter is available.


Secured Share

Share you Online Database with your colleagues/Family with appropriate permissions! You control who the column formulas and values.



AutoSave is built-in all the screens. Users will not lose data because she forgot to click the Save. Plus you get all your data from Forms even if the user doesn't hit submit.


Document Store

Attach documents/images to each record or create a column for documents/images. Its like having DropBox associated with your records.


Column Level Property

Change column level functionality with our easy to use editor. Formulas can only be edited by admin. Any changes done to columns is instantly available to all without applying to all cells.

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No Install/ Fast Load

No Install of software. You are in the form listing fast. If your browser is loaded then getting to your form and data is quick and easy.


Extremely fast load times

Screens move very fast. between listing to modify to add. There is no load time no matter how large number of records.



Collaborate with your Form shared team. Send instructions, notes, messages, or any data points.


Field Level Change History

Have field level change audit and know who changed important data.


Cloud System

Your data is in the Cloud. Data is safe and backed up. Local disaster will not impact loss of data.



All access is using HTTPS security. All data is isolated and secured.



Data is backed up and hence incase of disaster can be quickly recovered.


Data loss safety

Due to the data being in the cloud if a disgruntled employee leaves a company the data is still secured and protected in the cloud.



Link Two spreadsheets in a master-detail style.



Visualize data with the help of Charts.



Analyse your data with PivotTable. PivotTables are smart and can also be added to each Reports.


Data Space

Here we are offering the data space for you so you won’t need to upload it on another application.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Not only can you set access rights, but you can also track your team's recent activities in real-time to ensure that no one is abusing your organization's resources and preventing suspicious activity. You can also collect employee behavior data and utilize it to boost productivity.

Because our online interface only allows access to a limited number of inputs and outputs, the Excel file's logic and intellectual property are never exposed, ensuring that your intellectual property is fully protected and maintained.

It was a lot more economical with Trunao, and it included other features such as subfolders and multiple views. It is ideal for a small team searching for a cost-effective project management solution.

Trunao is the highest-level unit, encompassing all of the projects you choose to arrange as well as all of the information associated with them. A single workspace is made from boards, and you will have different boards for different clients or projects within that workspace.

Modify your database any way you want it to be planned, from different views to powerful filtering, grouping, and sorting options. Only display the data you want in the format you desire. And also, Use the Activity Log to keep track of all changes to items or boards, use the Comments Section to connect with team members, configure task alerts under Notifications, and use the Public Board to share your work with people outside of Infinity.

Data is backed up and can be replaced promptly in the event of a disaster.

No, because the data is stored in the cloud, the data is still safe and secure even if a frustrated employee leaves the organization.

Just upload your file, and we will take care of the put your feet up. All screens and features required to go live will be available in the online database. Trunao is a zero-code platform with more features with 100% best results.

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