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Easily Convert Your Excel spreadsheets to an Online Database

Streamline your business work flow by converting all your excel spreadsheet data to a database with Trunao fast, efficient, and easy to use!

Are you running out of space with your dozens of spreadsheets filling up your hard drive’s limited space?

Does tones of spreadsheets interfere with your work flow?

As of now, you may have known why excel is not a database.

Trunao is an efficient software that allows you to easily migrate your excel spreadsheets fast to an online database.

Easy Database Access Rights Management

Converting your Excel spreadsheets into an online database allows you to manage the data under one roof, giving access rights to the approved team members.

As a admin, you have the rights to control access based on each user’s role.

What can Trunao do for your business?

  1. Safely store and manage all your business data under one roof
  2. You become a better decision-maker about your business
  3. Saves you time and money- the most affordable online database web app
  4. Enables you to build a database that precisely aligns with your business processes and operations

What’s more?

Trunao is a superior database management app because it’s built to:

  1. Work for everyone- No coding required
  2. Automatically save your data even you don’t click ‘save’
  3. Easily accessed from anywhere, anytime
  4. Allow you to customize the way you want your data stored with amazing flexibility
  5. Manage user access rights based on their roles
  6. Instantly secure and setup files based on your preferences
  7. Filter, sort, and group all files in columns
  8. Load extremely fast
  9. Collaborate with your form shared team
  10. Provide backup features to secure your data
  11. Collaborate with your team via data visualization features
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