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Excel to Web Application

Are any of these applicable to you. You are at the right site. You have a Web Application in mind and have been implementing it on Excel. Unable to share with your customers with the fear that you will loose your IP. Your concept of Web Application works but limited in generating revenue due to limitation in Excel.

Trunao is a great way to convert your concept to a Online Web Application.

Upload your file using our Import functionality. The Import process is simple to use and highly intellegent. The process can read your file understand the type of data you are importing. Set up the column/field type. Builds a Form that is easy to use, ready to share or email your customers. Add's all the required field validation. All the above process is completed as part of the Import in minutes.

Once Import is completed, you are all set to invite your customers to start using the web application.

Invite Your Customers
Using Trunao's Share features you can invite all your potential users to use and experince your application. They can use the Trunao's interface and get access to use the forms and data provided by you. This is the easiest and the fastest way to get customers. Once you have your customers you can start generating revenue by charging a use fee.

Customization of your Web Application

There are multiple customization available as Admin for you.

  1. Listing
  2. Form
  3. Columns
  4. Additional Features to your Users like Charts, Pivots etc.
  5. Custom Site logo
  6. Embedding Forms & Listing to your site.
  7. Custom Login