It’s Time To Replace Your Spreadsheet With Online Database

It’s Time To Replace Your Spreadsheet With Online Database

By choosing to convert Excel spreadsheet to web application free, you can surely prioritize your tasks and deliver them on time. You will get to know the right time to switch to online database after reading this post.

Handling multiple spreadsheets

When it seems to be a frustrating task while scrolling through hundreds of spreadsheets just to look for some important figure. When you switch to Excel web app, you get an automated set up of your data where you can quickly access files which you want to see.

Data security is at threat

Dealing with Excel spreadsheets is always prone to unauthentic accessibility where any unauthorized user can cause severe damage to your business’ confidentiality. Converting excel to database provides you highly secured features where you can restrict the number of users and make them see what you want them to see.

Sharing spreadsheets

There is a version confusion when sharing spreadsheets among different departments. Also, it may become corrupt due to access to multiple users. With a web based excel application, you can save your master copy centrally in the database and assure right version is shared with right person.

Spreadsheet becomes full of errors

When your spreadsheets get full of errors related to spacing, useless texts or any other kind of error, it becomes difficult for even the most experiences users to identify those errors. Using the database rules, you can simply restrict the number of users to enter only a specific data and get reliable results.

Excel files hang

Remember, Excel is not a database in itself and thus, when you deal with hundreds of spreadsheets at a time, scrolling through them every time becomes much slower and complicated. Converting spreadsheet to web app gives you an extra edge on this as you can simply access those files which you want to view. This saves your valuable time and allows quick presentations on time.

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