The Best Way to Make Apps from Excel

Excel spreadsheet to web application

When you choose to convert Excel spreadsheet to web application, you get a vast variety of advanced features and functionalities which can definitely improve your productivity and save much of valuable time. We have mentioned a smart and simple way to switch to an online Excel database.

How to get started?

Select an apt low-coding platform like Trunao which is designed, keeping in view to create links between your official tool and the vast world of mobile apps. Apps generated from Trunao already integrate perfectly with all websites and provide great support for its users. In whatever format is your Excel spreadsheet, the excel to online database will support all basic functions of Microsoft Excel including the Macros and VBA. Apart from this, you can add features and functionalities as per your need.

Steps to be followed:

Step 1: In this phase, you have to upload your Excel spreadsheet on a low-code platform. The software completely analyzes the type of data in your spreadsheet and structures it in a tabular format.

Step 2: The column names in your spreadsheet is turned into field names and you can easily edit these names as per your further needs. You can even edit the field names or the tables in it.

Step 3: The lookups (if any) will get auto-populated while entering in parent data. You can view and edit the existing data relationships and can even create new ones. Once you are done with all sort of changes you want to enter in it, just click on the “create app” and it is done.

Just following these three simple steps, you can get a high-performance excel to web app free which you can now access from anywhere and at any point of time. Without any knowledge of serious coding skills, you can simply follow the instructions provided by the software and it does it for you. You can add, edit and delete records, update one or more fields and select various features which you want in your newly developed web app.

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