Tips and Trick For Becoming an Excel Spreadsheet Pro

Becoming an Excel Spreadsheet Pro

Excel is used widely around the globe by start-ups and established businesses alike. What makes this tool a real savior is that you can easily record and edit data in forms of columns and rows. Other authorized people can access and edit the same. Did you know that if you create app from Excel worksheet, things become lighter and easier? Basic Excel skills are not at all rare in employees, but it takes special tips and tricks for being an Excel guru; keep reading to get them.

Format Painter Tool

Once you create a different wrap, font or color for a cell, it’s easy to apply the same to other cells using this tool.

Line Breaks and Wrapping Text 

When a user begins to write in Excel, the text does not wrap and find a new line by default, which can easily be avoided. Hit Alt+Enter for creating a new line, or you can even use the wrap text option. This keeps the cells neat and clean.


A series of repetitive things such as serial numbers or dates need not be entered manually. Once the series begins you can hover your mouse over the right bottom corner of the originating cell and simply drag the mouse down to auto-fill the cells.

Conversion to Web Application

One you get an online excel database, there’s no stopping your business. Because, when a sheet becomes heavy, it becomes equally inaccessible. Converting Excel to a functional web application allows multiple users to access the sheets and gives them tons of features such as added security and approval processing.

Cutting-edge technology and easy-to-use UI enable Trunao to transfer your heavy sheet into a productive tool.

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