Top 5 Excel to Web App Alternatives for Business

Top 5 Excel to Web App Alternatives for Business

Microsoft Excel, a well-known spreadsheet tool from Microsoft, allows users to arrange, examine, convert excel to a database, forecast, and visualize data in a tabular format. The tool has been a part of every company’s toolkit since the dawn of time.

However, the employment of alternative hardware and software has been mandated by many issues for many businesses. Excel is undoubtedly supported by great technology. It is easy to learn, extensively used across sectors, and controls the data essential to the firm’s running. Let’s discuss the top 5 Excel to web app alternatives for business:


You may effortlessly upgrade your spreadsheets into an online database by using Trunao. With Trunao – Excel to Online Database app, you can publish all Excel worksheets online, safely share them with others, and work together with a large number of users in a no-code web application using an integrated online spreadsheet database. It is the best Excel web app. Request information from your clients by sending them a link. The forms are automatically created. Drag and drop allows you to modify them easily. The sorting and filters are predefined. A filter for that column is automatically applied if the column is visible. A quick all-column filter is additionally offered.

Google Sheets

Google Sheets, arguably the most well-liked Excel substitute, is similar to Excel in design and functionality. Charts, graphs, integrated formulas, pivot tables, and conditional formatting are just a few of the time-saving capabilities it offers that are similar to those of Excel. Everybody with a Google account can access it for free. You need not bother backing up your files because all the information is stored in the cloud. You can access them from practically any country if you have Internet access. Google sheets are the best excel alternative. To simplify creating your spreadsheet quicker, Google Sheets includes pre-made templates suitable for presentations.

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Libre Office

In the same way, Apache Open Office evolved from the original Openoffice.org and LibreOffice is an open-source Excel substitute. LibreOffice is an alternative to the entire Microsoft Office suite, not simply Excel. However, even if set aside the fact that LibreOffice offers all of the fundamental Excel functions, such as pivot tables and text to columns, comprehensive formatting is missing from LibreOffice. Additionally, there have been numerous instances where the application has crashed while managing a huge amount of data. And because of this, LibreOffice is frequently regarded as the most acceptable option for individual use but less for in-depth commercial analysis.

Zoho Sheet

Small- to medium-sized enterprises can benefit from the operational support offered by the Zoho suite of applications. The look and functionality of Zoho Sheet, a free account option, are comparable to those of Microsoft Excel. The program lets you quickly switch between formats like.xlsx,.xls,.csv, and. ods while also allowing you to open files on your PC or import a sheet from a URL. Because the program and storage are cloud-based, you may view the files on your computer, mobile device, and from any location with an Internet connection. You can even work in real time with your team.

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FreeOffice 2016

Microsoft Office’s file formats are entirely compatible with the most recent version of SoftMaker’s FreeOffice 2016, so you won’t encounter any surprises when transferring data into MS Office. This is a free program with a rapid load time and an interface that resembles that of Microsoft Office. With capabilities like conditional formatting and pivot tables, PlanMaker, FreeOffice’s Excel alternative, closely resembles Excel in functionality. You may also use elements like images and drawings, as well as tools for data visualization, to help you generate materials suitable for presentations.

Finally, the above details are the top 5 Excel to web app alternatives for business. These are the top Excel to web app substitutes for businesses and with their help, you can save your database securely and make spreadsheets more quickly.

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