Ward off All the Excel Problems by Having an Ultimate Solution

Excel Problems by Having an Ultimate Solution

Excel always has a problem in dealing with enormous amount of data, scattered over millions of rows and columns. Error-marked calculations are likely to crop up, while using Excel. We can say that Excel is incapable of assessing and managing huge data.

The errors that arise in Excel, arise without any kind of prior intimation. You never know when they might occur to hamper all your calculations in order to misguide your overall analysis. According to a well-analysed study of the year 2008, around 88% of the spreadsheets that we work on were marked with shocking errors. We keep on working with the misleading data without even acknowledging it. And in spite of this horrifying fact, 99% percent of business firms are dependent on Excel spreadsheets as they all do their financial analysis, budget calculations as well as strategizing by concentrating on the data provided by Excel spreadsheets. But, the necessity to convert Excel to web application seems to be predominant.

Excel can never be used as a substitute for a Database

If you are thinking of making Excel a good substitute for a reliable database, then we would suggest you not to do that. Because using it in that way ends up in presenting you with a horizontal workbook, wherein the same records keep on replaying themselves in the same pattern in multiple sheets. And these sheets can’t even be related to each other in order to have a perfect relational analysis. And the speed of worksheet also gets decreased. In such a case, none other than online Excel database serves the purpose.

Blank cells in between are capable of creating blunders. Most of the times, empty cells suggest to you that your data finishes here. The consequence of this is certainly incorrect data.

Stuffing one cell with massive information is unextractable. Instead, different cells can be used for the same. They facilitate and simplify sorting. For example, while entering names, the first name and the last name can be separated and put into separate cells.

One can’t take the initiative to build a spreadsheet by himself

We might have acquired mastery on various things, but it would be better if you don’t initiate this, unless and until you are an actual expert. A prebuilt template can help you out in this, or else you can take the assistance of a professional.

Excel is not a perfect place to incorporate WordArt

One can’t think of beautifying your Excel application with WordArt. Because this overshadows even the basic formulas that are there in Excel. Moreover, professionally also, it is not wise to use them. And to have even more professional experience, do make it a point to convert excel to web application.

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