Why are Business still using Excel as a database?

In my years of experience, I have struggled with users using #Excel as a #database. The problem is once they start using it, then it’s never easy to convince them even when you have built the greatest of systems. #Excel users will usually never want to switch.

I cannot fully blame the users as to when they would go to IT for a new database application usually the estimate provided is upwards of $40,000. Then the question asked by CEO is “Does this system add to the bottom line?”. If not then there is no funding. This action then legitimizes the use of #Excel forever. This also impacts the users end up doing a lot of labor-intensive work just to keep that information going.

In addition, it also becomes a nightmare for the IT as users then have a lot of #Excel versions _v1, _v2…_vN on their disk drive and on the emails. No one seems to be worried about deleting either the email or the file from the storage device.

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I am not saying #Excel or #spreadsheets is bad. #Excel was not designed to be a database. I think it’s time that we have a system that is as simple, more user-friendly, with all the features that a #database should have, and much more is provided to the #business.

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