20 Excel Tips To Enhance The Visual Experience Of Spreadsheets

20 Excel Tips To Enhance The Visual Experience Of Spreadsheets

Microsoft’s very own Excel is a veteran software which is widely popular ever since its inception. There are various software in the market that are tempted to give users the best experience for creating spreadsheets. 

A normal spreadsheet might look boring at times, thankfully there are several tools in Excel to make your spreadsheet look flawlessly stylish and overwhelming to the eyes.

Here are some of the tips and suggestions to get you started for a polished and professional spreadsheet.

Look for the right template 

There are a range of templates to choose from the web. Therefore, make a wise decision and opt for the best possible template that suits the content and demeanor of your spreadsheet.

Choose the right font

A font is something that should be readable and clear. A business-like spreadsheet should look authentic, therefore fonts like Times New Roman and Arial are perhaps the best choice.

Limit the use of different fonts

A single font style should be used in a spreadsheet. There’s no need to use a different font for the title and a different font for the rest of the body.

Bold your headings

Headers should always stand out from the main text or body. Therefore, to make them easily visible, bolding them is a good process.

The title should be in the center

To make your spreadsheet professional, make sure all the titles which you have used should be aligned in the center. Use the “Merge Cells” or “Center Across Selection”

Always start from B2

Start writing leaving row 1 and column A blank. There should be ample space for the text to breathe.

Vary font size

Sometimes there is a need to convert excel to database and when the conversion is done, there might be a case of the varied font size. Therefore, there should be a difference in the header font size and the rest of the text.

Align Text

Text alignment is necessary, therefore, format cells and select options that allow you to align the text that best suits your content needs.

Create Space

Spacing gives a better idea to the user of the matter written in the spreadsheet. With ample spacing, the spreadsheet won’t look cramped.

Leave some cells empty 

Even if you convert excel to web application, leaving some cells empty could do a good trick for an attractive look. Leaving a row or column empty at appropriate breaks in the data can enhance readability.

Use colors moderately

Make your spreadsheet look attractive by using color for fonts or for highlighting rows.

Use Zebra stripes

If you are creating spreadsheets with a lot of columns, go for the zebra stripes. Consider the image below for a better understanding.

Go for some subtle decoration

A dip-dye effect enhancing simple background decoration could be visually appealing. Be moderate in using effects like this.

The dark text should be on a light background

While using colors, ensure that the dark text is always on a light background so that the text could be viewed easily.

Use table function

If there is a need for a table in your data, insert tables via an accent color to connect the table with the rest of the spreadsheet.

Add image

To make your spreadsheet even more attractive, insert images wherever required. However, do not use any image unnecessarily.

Align graphs or tables 

If you are using multiple tables or graphs in your spreadsheet, try to line them up so that they start in the same row. The finished document then will be easier to view.

Name your worksheet

The last nail in the coffin certainly. Naming your worksheet comes under professionalism.

Make sure to proofread

Well, this isn’t a step to create stylish spreadsheets, but for flawless results, in the end, a proofread is a must.

Conclusion: Experimentation is the key. Keep experimenting with ideas and design features to enhance the styling quotient of your spreadsheet. Besides, if you want to take your database online, Trunao – online excel sheet editor is probably the best tool to do so. Comment down if these ideas help you in making your spreadsheet look attractive.

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