Thing To Keep In Mind Before Creating A Database

Thing To Keep In Mind Before Creating A Database

Excel has been one of the most elusive software used to create spreadsheets. Over the years, many tried to give a tough competition to Microsoft’s very own Excel but all were shattered. While creating a database from an excel spreadsheet, there are only two techniques, i.e. using Microsoft Access and using Third-party database software.

Excel has been a revelation when it comes to maintaining a database for those who aren’t much technically sound. In this article, we will be discussing many aspects related to databases and spreadsheets.

Advantages of getting an excel to web app

Excel is a combination of rows and columns and these two things store our data called records. Excel is the most common tools as mentioned above due to its easy to use interface.

When we include data in excel in the form of tables in rows and columns and assign a name to the table, it is generally called a database in Excel.

Below are some of the advantages of getting an excel to web app,

  • Automatically generated forms can be easily customized
  • Databases can be shared with clients, partners, and employees
  • Includes autosave feature
  • Installation isn’t necessary
  • Fast load time with no lagging
  • Cloud-based systems so that you never lose your data
  • Data is secured using Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS)

The conversion of Excel database to web application can be best achieved with trunao.com.

What is Trunao?

Trunao is a web based excel application that helps to convert Excel to web applications and databases. It is an easy to use web-based data management application. With trunao, your spreadsheet becomes an online excel database. 

Points to take into consideration while creating a Database in Excel

· You have the privilege to upload the file to MS Access for a safe database platform and back up a platform.

· Since you have all the data in excel it becomes relatively easy for calculations and statistics.

· Excel is perhaps the best tool for database analysis.

· Excel is easy to manage and not complicated because of clear fields and records.

· You can filter out the records by using auto filters.

· If possible sort the data date-wise.

· As the data keeps growing excel will slow down considerably. Therefore, you should be knowing your data capacity.

· You cannot share more than 34 MB file with others in an email.

· By applying the pivot table you can give a detailed analysis of the database.

· You can download the workbook and use it for your practice purpose.

Now when you are clear with how to create a database effectively, Excel online is waiting for you to start with your next database.

Conclusion: Online spreadsheet database is easy to create and then everything gets smooth. While creating a database from an excel spreadsheet, make sure your database is online, otherwise it won’t be worth to go for a web application.

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