3 Best Ways to Convert Excel Sheets into Online Excel Database

Convert Excel Sheets into Online Excel Database

Reasons are numerous to answer why you need to create database from excel spreadsheet. First of all, you would never like your data to be misleading and confusing in any ways. Next, you would never want the Excel chaos to pull into your working sphere, as Excel chaos keeps you away from all kinds of updates made lately. And third of all, you will always want your valuable data tube in safe hands because the way excel sheets are usually circulated can frighten you, as there is always the risk of their going into unauthorized hands. Perceiving all these reasons, we at Trunao, have come up with 3 best ways for creating a database in excel. Let’s go through them in brief:

  1. Accumulate Excel Data and Make Reports: The very first step that you can take is bring together the data lying with various Excel workbooks on your system. You can also incorporate your XML data along with the data of MS Access and then you only need to import everything into your Trunao As soon as you are through with it, you can switch to creating user-friendly reports, that communicate with you and that are quite easy to understand.
  2. Design Forms and Enable User Access: Next, comes the turn of designing web forms, wherein all new information can be entered along with new modifications. Here, you can also fix passwords for varied users and users are only allowed to work on specified records. Other records remain untouched.
  3. Frame Dashboards and Promote Everywhere Access: You can come up with very comprehensible dashboards that are able to present information in a very eye-catchy manner, specially when you spot informative reports and easy-to-understand charts. When you have done this, you can let this newly made web application be accessible from everywhere, be it your phone or your computer, and that too anytime.

Now, all the steps of creating a database in Excel must be clear to you. Further, if you want to convert data on a website to excel, then turn to Trunao.

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