Here’s Everything You Need to know before Creating a Database from an Excel Spreadsheet

Creating a Database from an Excel Spreadsheet

The initial stages of a business or project have limited needs of data; but as the capacity and clientele grow, there comes need for organized and secured data management. One of the most widely used tools in the corporate world (and outside of it alike) Excel is used for maintaining and accessing important and sensitive data. However, online excel databases have gained a lot of attention in the recent times to avoid data loss and wastage of time. If you’re considering taking your Excel sheets online, keep reading. There are things you need to know.

Cloud storage

Online databases rely not on conventional and oversized HDDs, but on cloud storage that is accessible by anyone authorized. This also secures your precious data as there’s no risk of the HDDs crashing anymore.

Real-time updates

It is impossible for multiple users, unless they share a local area network, to access and update Excel sheets in real-time. But when you, convert Excel to web application, there’s no limit to data accesses simultaneously. Your sales team members are fighting over who gets to update first? Going online will take care of it for good.

Tons of features

Apart from a user-friendly interface where you just have to drag and drop, an online database allows you to create automated forms that your clients can fill with ease. You can even customize the form template according to your specific business requirements. Also, no coding knowledge required for this integration.

Contact Trunao today to get your chunks of massive data online in an organized manner. Neat and accessible data may not sound like much, but it boosts the productivity and speed of your organization in the bigger picture. Trunao makes this important transition a walk in the park for growing businesses.

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