Microsoft Excel is an absolutely useful place where you can arrange your massive amounts of data meticulously and in order, with the help of spreadsheets and charts in a very orderly and assembled manner. It has its own way of framing visual as well as graphical diagrams that conveys information in a very comprehensible way. Trunao brings you the list of benefits and disabilities that you can sift through:

Advantages of Microsoft Excel

  • Massive data can be examined and analyzed in the wink of your eye.
  • Prompt Search Ability: It filters your concerned data, derives your concerned data and makes it in your reach, and that too in no time.
  • Emails can carry them anywhere.
  • It doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, as it is accompanied by Microsoft Office in its way to your system.
  • Excel spreadsheets can be well safeguarded by appropriate password settings.
  • Accessibility from Anywhere: With the emergence of Excel Web App, you can find find excel catching your fancy through your phones as well as through your laptops or PCs.

Disadvantages of Microsoft Excel

  • Excel sheets can be very easily be infected through viruses.
  • Working on a single file tends to make it bulky.
  • Excel is receptive to any kind of trivial manual errors.
  • Accumulating all the Excel spreadsheets to make one single sheet becomes a brain-wracking task.
  • To reach to concluding decisions becomes a hard task with Excel, as analyzing it, requires lots of time investment.


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