5 Reasons To Move From Spreadsheets To Web App

5 Reasons To Move From Spreadsheets To Web App

Almost every organization, big or small, has been using Excel for decades. It offers a really easy-to-use interface in forms of columns and rows, allows efficient data management and, for the most part, doesn’t let down.

However, A legend such as Excel too has its own limits. Once the worksheet becomes too heavy, the data isn’t as easily accessible, which quite defeats the purpose. Many businesses are taking Excel to web app for simplicity and additional features. Here’s 5 reasons why you should convert Excel to web application.


When you think of data, its security is seems the highest concern. Your sensitive business or client data should be safe and secure to avoid misuse and loss of data. But if you convert Excel to database, you get additional security as the data is hidden from unauthorized personnel.


We all make them, but it’s of great importance when it comes to your precious data. Users are more likely to make mistakes in Excel as it lets them feed any input. The conversion will help multiple users to work on the files with minimum to no errors.

Difficult to Keep a Track

With a lot of users constantly using spreadsheets, they become difficult to keep a track of. On a database, on the other hand, multiple users can work in a time-efficient manner and the tedious task of data consolidation is spared.

Suitable Only For Single-User

Remember, data is supposed to make things better, not slow them down. Excel spreadsheets can only be worked on by single users, limiting the scope and speed of overall work.


Web applications make things easy when it comes to getting data approved by a person. With TrunaoFree Online Excel Editor, you can make your data eligible for approval and even client insights.

Mentioned above are 5 of many reasons why you should move to a database. We at Trunao take great care of your data needs.

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