5 Benefits of Converting Excel Spreadsheets into Web Apps

5 Benefits of Converting Excel Spreadsheets into Web Apps

When it comes to business Microsoft Excel is used everywhere.

From storing large-sized data files to the analysis part, Excel is used widely across the globe. The spreadsheet developed by Microsoft is used for various purposes from project planning to data reporting. The versatile software is the right option for all kinds of arithmetical data. The fame of the spreadsheet tool in the business world is certainly comprehensible.

As there are various benefits of using excel for your daily jobs but the risks linked with it cannot be denied in any way. It is the reason why big businesses and smarter start-ups are at a mission of shifting from Excel to web apps when it comes to data management.

If you are looking for solutions to the commonly-encountered problems that enterprises face with Excel, and then we have crafted here the reasons that help you understand why you need to convert excel to the web application.

The Trunao – online spreadsheet editor allows businesses to convert Excel spreadsheets to databases and web apps that make it one of the best tools in the marketplace. It is easy to make use of the active spreadsheets while eradicating the chances of errors and undesirable edits. Here, today we are going to discuss the main reasons why your business needs to convert spreadsheets into a web-based Excel solution.


When it comes to security, excel is not safe. Nowadays, Security is the main cause a lot of companies are interested in making a web app from Excel data. People are looking for more and more ways to convert excel to database that help in password protection to avoid hacking.


It is tough to find errors in the Excel sheets, as spreadsheets allow multiple individuals to enter and alter data. An errant contribution, a conflicting or wrong data set-up, or a wrong formula can result in huge financial implications. 

Integration is tough

Adding new data in the Spreadsheets is tough, and the input of data is done frequently with old fashion copy and paste activities. Running other programs with spreadsheets is not possible within Excel, Web apps enable complete automation by running other programs.

Difficult to track data

Most companies convert excel to database use excel sheets to transfer information. But sometimes things can get pretty fast, a lot of versions of the file make s tough to recognize the changes, and the position of the most up-to-date version is secrecy.


Overall, we can say that if you are running a business, then you can move your data from Excel to web application easily via using any software. This way, you are providing access to numerous users at the same time that will not only boost productivity but also save time.

When you convert excel to web application, you allow users to conduct computations and make reports without corrupting the reliability of the main data. If you’re facing all the issues mentioned above and still using Excel because you haven’t found a good option, then it is time to use Trunao. A huge number of excel users are now approaching this tool to make the process easier for themselves.

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