Integrating Spreadsheets into a Website or WordPress Site

Integrating Spreadsheets into a Website or WordPress Site

Many have called or emailed to check if Trunao can help to Integrate or embed spreadsheets into Websites or WordPress. The answer to this is an overwhelming YES.

The process of taking your sheet to the WordPress page of the website is quite simple in Trunao. It will take you less than an hour to integrate a spreadsheet and have it become available on your website once the sheet is converted to a Form in Trunao. All that is necessary is to enable the flag for Share Listing and copying the link to be put on your HTML page.

For step by step instructions, follow the link below.

2.5 Integrate Spreadsheet into Website or WordPress Site

It was quickly realized that a lot of individuals and small companies are struggling to take your sheets data and share it either through a login portal for your members or open it up for public consumption. And so, Trunao was also able to make their lives a lot simpler. Below is an example of public access usage for Trunao.

Since Trunao – free online excel editor has the ability for multiple pictures, the shared list on the web can also show the associated pictures for each of the records. For example, if the search listing is for a house on rent or sale, the host can put all the pictures to be browsed by the consumer.

Other examples include marriage database, car listing, Event attendees, etc.

Are you still using Excel or Google Spreadsheets? Time for a change.

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