Convert Excel Spreadsheets To Live Web Pages And Web Apps

Data and information has become the most valuable intangible asset for most of the businesses today. Depending completely on Microsoft Excel has been like a tradition till now but as the corporate world is heading towards more and more digitization, security of your data becomes a major concern. Most of the executives across the globe simply depend on the data and information available to them at that time to lay further policies. A spreadsheet to web app conversion can resolve your several issues and offer a perfect platform to perform, secure and share your data. There are several benefits which you can gain over your traditional excel application. Let’s see how?

Live Web Pages

A web based Excel application helps you in getting live web pages with Excel that will transform your complete workflow experience. Getting all features and functionalities of Excel on a web page can prove be advantageous in various sense. Assigning tasks, managing permissions and getting updated reports will result in swift and improved productivity.

Creating Smart Web Forms

You can easily design perfect mobile data entry forms in Excel with calculated totals, weights and volume. You can add graphical widgets and other important elements in your design. Start getting submitted forms via e-mails or in a cloud-based database. Things get smooth and the overall workflow can be improved in an efficient and effective way.

Keeping Track

Sharing your spreadsheets with different users or even with different departments can cause various confusions. Above all keeping track of your every worksheet is just a thing which is next to impossible. Using Excel as an app will allow you to assign authentic users and manage with permissions regarding who all can access your confidential data.

Up-to-date Scalability

A growing business needs high scalability in terms of applications on which it works. The time and effort required to prepare documents and sharing them to get real-time updates is a crucial aspect. Going Excel to web app can provide you with easy and fast medium to share documents and receive notifications. The team work becomes much smooth and rapid as they can respond on immediate actions and decisions taken on some important project work.

Completely Secured Data

Another important aspect on which businesses are focusing well these days. Your management has to rely on your crucial data and information while making any decision regarding its policy-making or any other upcoming project. Accessing the right data and getting authentic information becomes utmost important here. This can only be guaranteed when you have it stored in a customized cloud database.

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