Excel has Many Things, But Not a Web Based Excel Spreadsheet

Web Based Excel Spreadsheet

Microsoft Excel is one of the most commonly employed business tools across the globe. Its use for data storage in the age of cloud computing and teleworking could lead to data leakage as well as a decrease in productivity, among others. Convert today’s excel to the database.

Excel users can benefit from an array of formulas, instant calculations, simple charting, and easy customizing of colors and fonts. Anyone can enter information and create quick reports It’s no surprise that Excel is available on nearly every computer around the globe and remains a key component in Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office suite.

There are limitations when multiple users have to edit files simultaneously. Also, when sensitive information is included that other collaborators don’t get to access. Sometimes, it’s difficult to find the most current edition of the “final” file in your email inbox. Trunao has a web based excel spreadsheet, where you can add, and edit your excel with ease.

When you’ve tried to utilize spreadsheets to create a database for your business and you’re frustrated due to the absence of security or collaboration features You’ve probably outgrown Microsoft Excel.

Think about moving your spreadsheet from Excel to online database. With Trunao it is easy to move the spreadsheets you have in the cloud. Create secure, interactive web-based database applications that automate the process of collecting and sharing information. Trunao has been built upon top-of-the-line enterprise SQL servers that are able to manage databases of any size and with any amount of users.

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Migrate Excel to Cloud Database

The easiest method to convert Excel into a real database is to import Excel spreadsheets to Trunao. Instant access to various types of data tables, table relationships, record-level security, and more. It’s as easy as only a couple of clicks.

Build Excel Web Apps

You can quickly create interfaces such as forms, charts, and reports with your data. With Trunao’s guided development workflow as well as point-and-click software, you can develop online Excel applications in a matter of minutes.

Publish Spreadsheets Online

Integrate your apps and databases on any intranet, website portal, or CMS or, you can share a Trunao-hosted URL to give your users the ability to access their information from any connected device. Trunao offers an online excel viewer and editor with easy share with your team and high security.

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Questions and Answered about Excel to Web App Convert

Is Excel a database?

It’s not true, Excel does not have the essential characteristics of a real database. The most popular Microsoft tool isn’t able to ensure sufficient data integrity to ensure accuracy, consistency, and reliability when handling structured data. Excel is not equipped with the features needed to implement data types, validation of data as well as simultaneous access for multiple users as well as other essential functions that organizations require in today’s technological world.

How can you convert Excel into the database format?

Upload any Excel document from your personal device to your account on the Trunao platform. Next, set up your table and data types connections using Trunao’s point and click and drag-and-drop tools.

How do I transfer Excel worksheets to the internet?

Utilize Trunao’s powerful import tool that allows you to transfer your old Excel sheet as well as .CSV file to the cloud. Trunao also supports MS Access database migration, which makes it the most flexible tool for moving databases that are into the cloud.

Do I have the ability to create an application with the sheets in my Excel worksheets?

You can indeed create an app with the current Excel spreadsheets. Simply transfer your Excel spreadsheets into Trunao and then use our easy interactive app builder to design robust, database-driven web applications. Create dashboards, expense tracking tools as well as calculations, invoicing applications, and much more — without coding!

How can you convert Excel to a web-based program?

After you sign up for a free Trunao trial and then log into your account, choose the option to transfer the existing Excel spreadsheets while creating the application. Trunao’s point-and-click tools will help you through our code-free development process, from table layout to user login.

How do I embed Excel into a website?

If you convert your Excel sheets into Trunao web-based applications, you have the ability to integrate them on any website web page, intranet site, portal, or CMS.

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