Excel into Web App Conversion Process

Excel to Web App Conversion Process

You may aware that the demand to access those insights from any location, at any time, and on any device has emerged for many small businesses that use Microsoft excel spreadsheets as databases for their enterprises and handle general information. As a result, many of these businesses have started looking for a conversion solution for Excel to web apps. There are right and wrong ways to approach this procedure, depending on their particular demands and use cases, both of which are more than worth a closer look.

So, it is best to use an online spreadsheet editor to complete the process easily. Here you will see the process for excel to Web app conversion:

Step 1: Import your Spreadsheet

In the first step, with Trunao’s point-and-click wizards, you can quickly import several worksheets from your uploaded Excel files. By starting this process, you can begin the excel to web app conversion.

Processes of importing are:

  • You can open a Trunao Platform on your PC.
  • Open a sheet and make one.
  • Click Import under File in the menu at the top.
  • Select a file that is not password-protected.
  • Choose Import.

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Step 2: Login or Register

  • Login if you register earlier
  • Or Register with easy navigation
  • Select uploaded files from the dashboard and Start your editing

In a structured excel to database context, Trunao elevates your records by using unique data types and relationships.

Step 3: Build Powerful Excel Web Apps

With the visual application builder from Trunao, create multi-user web interfaces. For this step, no coding is necessary.

You may know many businesses use excel sheets to store their data. With recent technology updates, it is possible to convert excel to a web app. If you are looking for the conversion process, the above listed are the steps you need to consider.

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