Which of These Five Excel Features Do You Use?

Excel Features

Excel is a powerful tool that is widely used by numerous users and companies all around the world. Several software claims to organize and store your data seamlessly, but Excel remains the go-to product when it comes to storing and organizing large data.

Users have started to opt to convert Excel to web app solutions, as the limitations of the Excel spreadsheets can put them in vulnerable situations. However, millions of users still use Excel to manage their data.

Trunao Can Take Your Worksheets to the Next Level if You Use the Below Features of Excel.

Protect Spreadsheets and Lock Specific Cells

Often at the workplace, you tend to share your Online Spreadsheet with your co-workers or other collaborators, which can be risky as the core elements of the worksheet can be messed up. You may share the Excel spreadsheets to add data, but there are chances that your collaborator may accidentally make changes in data or cells. Excel allows you to protect the data with password-restricted access to control who can view or edit your worksheet. Trunao’s advanced encrypted technology makes your data’s confidentiality safe and protected.

Data Validation

The new Excel features enable data validation, creating drop-down lists that allow users to quickly recognize errors and blunders by restricting users from selecting one value from the defined options. Trunao allows users to transform Excel spreadsheets into web applications that work great on any device.

Excel Macros

Excel Macros are another great feature that saves users time and effort by detecting repetitive tasks by monitoring every step and then automating it. Instead of applying effort and wasting time, Excel makes these tasks easier.


The Excel forms make tracking changes in Excel easier and simpler. You can simply add data to your Excel spreadsheets with simple and clear fields. Trunao allows you to create customized forms with a simple drag-and-drop option.

Multiple Rows

Excel allows you to easily add multiple rows between existing rows, open an Excel file online and edit, and press ctrl+shift++. You can add multiple rows to match your suitability.

Trunao’s built-in filters and sorting allow you to change column functionality per your requirements. Trunao upscales your Excel spreadsheet game by making it elegant, secure and simpler. We take your Excel spreadsheets to the next level with an online database, the solutions to your storage and security troubles. Avail the 30 days trial and explore the benefits of Trunao Today.

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