Using Excel for Data Management is Risky?

Creating a database in Excel Data Management

Many organizations depend on Excel to manage their data, which is the reason for numerous database losses. Data worth millions of dollars are lost or stolen annually due to the reliance on Excel for data management. Due to the limitation of MS Excel, businesses incur heavy losses and many company data in Excel is very common.

Here is Why Using Excel Spreadsheet Like Data Management is Risky for Any Business:

Data Integrity

Data analytics using Excel has very poor data integrity, where the cells in the table accept data from any column. The data management tools are inaccurate and non-consistency, which makes the result unreliable.

Suppose you use Trunao to convert Excel to web application, which helps generate numerous Excel sheets into web applications. In that case, your database is stored in a secured server, making it safe from being stolen or lost.


Creating a database in Excel sheets is limited to the maximum number of rows and columns, a major drawback that means the data should be limited within the capacity. This could be a shortcoming for businesses with a lot of data to store.

If you compare this Excel to web applications, the data can be stored and accessed from anywhere. Trunao lets you convert Excel spreadsheet to database. You can add new features to suit your capacity.

Faulty Control

When an Excel spreadsheet is used to store, no version control exists, creating duplicate flies that cause confusion and delays. There is no real-time tracking which causes risk to the data integrity.
With an online Excel viewer data can be tracked in real-time, which cannot be provided by a simple Excel spreadsheet.

Cost Factor

When you have an Excel spreadsheet, you are paying for the software, hardware, and maintenance costs. But when you convert Excel to online database through a web application, it proves to be cost-effective in the long run, as you’re paying for the development and the hosting only once. This is another reason you should turn towards Excel to a web app with Trunao without coding.

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