How can multiple users update an excel spreadsheet at the same time?

excel spreadsheet

Excel is widely used in many businesses for data recording and analysis, among many other things. However, the legendary tool takes the back seat when multiple users work on it at the same time. As the data grows, the spreadsheet gets heavier and more difficult to use for desired outputs. You can create shared workbooks or create a database from an Excel spreadsheet. Here’s how you can make your Excel sheet editable for more than one user.

Shared Workbook

Saving the workbook as a shared one facilitates multiple users to simultaneously work on it. To do this, all you have to do is go to the review tab and select ‘share workbook’. Also, with a feature called co-authoring, multiple users can work on and edit a single workbook without having to worry about interference from others. Both internal and external collaborations become much easier with these simple hacks. Of course, creating a database in Excel is nothing new for data analysts, but doing so significantly slows the users down with heavy processing requirements of growing sheets.

Convert the Excel Sheet to Database

There’s no end to how much data you can store on an Excel sheet, but that doesn’t mean it comes without a cost. When an Excel sheet becomes heavy with lots of data, operating it becomes somewhat of a challenge, especially if multiple users are trying it. There’s a workaround to this, though. Taking your spreadsheet online not only allows multi-user editing, but it adds tons of more features such as added security and minimal errors. You may also convert data on a website to Excel simply by using ‘export to Microsoft Excel’ feature. Trunao offers great services to takes your Excel data to the cloud and make it to multiple users on an intuitive database with helpful, never-before-seen features.

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