How to Solve 7 Common Excel Spreadsheet Problems In Few Clicks

Excel Spreadsheet Problems

Excel has been used for data recording and analysis for years and hasn’t let any competitor outwit it. When a business or project is on a small scale, Excel is the obvious answer for data keeping. You can store a lot of data in columns and rows and access it whenever required. However, as the data becomes more complex and shows increase in quantity, Excel spreadsheets lag and underperform. This results in unproductivity and delayed outputs. Taking Excel to web app then becomes a needs. We’ll talk about 7 Excel spreadsheet problems that you can solve with ease.

Excel Multi-User Editing

After crossing a point, Excel worksheets become heavy and accessible only to one person at a time. Unless the other people who wish to work on the worksheet are willing to use ‘view only’ mode, this problem needs your attention. You can use Excel Online or turn on the Shared Workbooks feature for more people to access relevant data without any interference.

Excel Shared Workbooks

Excel Online and Shared workbooks have their own limitations. If the workbook is shared, you can’t create tables or delete blocks, which is a complication for many. While changing the workbook’s structure helps some, it changes the set guidelines and confuses others.

Excel Linked Workbooks

If multiple users are editing a workbook, consider splitting your data across different workbooks. However, you can link workbooks to keep a type of data separately. This beats maintaining individual sheets in a single workbook.

Excel Data Validation

Excel allows the user to enter any data, but this in some cases leads to human errors compromising the workbook. A small typo or misuse of numbers can be fatal for the data analysis.

Excel Navigation

Navigating between sheets is all fun and games till there are a limited number of them. Once that number goes up, accessing particular type of data becomes a challenge.

Excel Security

Excel security works wonders for maintaining worksheet structure, but when it comes data itself, the protection poses many problems.

Excel Speed Issue

With VBA as its programming language, Excel isn’t particularly known for being swift and light. There are applications better suited to do your job in a speedy manner.

Convert Excel to Web Application

This is an amazing solution if you wish to overcome above mentioned issues in Excel. If you convert Excel to database, you have a more structured, faster and efficient data management system. Trunao is a specialist that will take care of the conversion to ensure smooth data operations.

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