How To Create An Excel-Based Web App Without Coding

Web App Without Coding

Trunao has brought the best solution for all your spreadsheet chaos. What seemed to impossible or much complex task with spreadsheets can now be done in the most convenient way. This low code software allows you to convert Excel spreadsheet to web application free through which you can gain several benefits in terms of efficiency and skill enhancement. We will discuss some key aspects to undergo this conversion process which requires no coding skills. Following simple instructions on Trunao, you can get it done in no time.

Understanding your requirements

We understand that every client has their own set of requirements and hence, Trunao offers different packages based on the features which you want in your newly developed Excel web app. Depending on the number of users and functionalities, you want in your web app, you can easily select a package and get started with the most amazing experience in maintaining detailed records.

The implementation part

For spreadsheet to web app conversion, when you upload an excel file on this low coding software, it thoroughly analyzes the data in your spreadsheet, as the data uploaded gets converted into table format, you have to convert your column names in excel file into field names. You have options to edit and delete the tables in it. Use an Excel file as a template and populate the data from the database into the template. Also, if there are any lookups, it gets auto populated when entered in parent data. You can select the desired functions like formulas, auto-calculation functions and other important features of Excel which you want in your web app to perform. After selecting all the sets of desired functionalities, you just have to click on “Create my app” and it is done for you.

What changes does this bring?

Once you convert Excel spreadsheet to web application free, you are ready to explore the all new world of data handling. It provides high compatibility with different devices, immense secured features with options to assign accessibilities to only authorized people.

Moreover, the versioning part, sharing files with different users and departments becomes much convenient. It completely secures your intellectual property in the best way and provides exceptional database functionality using which, your employees will develop with their overall productivity also.

You can easily provide on-premise or cloud based access with any browser which results in timely preparation of important project reports. The spreadsheet to web app conversion aptly automates your data handling processes which allows you to manage and deliver quality reports to your clients.

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