Convert Excel Spreadsheets into Web Database Applications

Convert Excel Spreadsheets into Web Database Applications

The way technology has transformed every aspect of our da-to-day lives is known well to everyone. Especially when it comes to organizational use, businesses are looking for best software for different departments which can automate their processes and provide a great ease along with transparency in workflows. The same is the case with using Excel spreadsheets. Spreadsheets have been major application for handling all organizational data for almost every organization across the globe. In the recent times, with the advent of various technologies, excel users are also seeking for a solution which can simplify various issues which are quite complex to deal with traditional excel spreadsheets.

Trunao has the technological solution for this

Trunao is a cloud based data management system which offers you a platform where you can simply convert Excel spreadsheet to web application free. A low-code software which efficiently manages to provide you a web based excel app without any serious coding skills which you can access through any device and on different browsers. Moreover, the speed, compatibility and the security which you get in dealing with your web based excel apps will surely surprise you in many ways.

Developing a web-based Excel app with Trunao

When you upload your spreadsheet on this software, the spreadsheet converter quickly scans the data. Fully loaded with all built-in programs and coding, you just have to follow some simple steps and make amendments or add the features which you want in your excel web app. The app can be saved in the device, with an icon on the home screen. You can simply start with your web app without even downloading it as you do with other apps in your smartphones. The app remains functional even in the offline mode and you can perform live data entry even in the flight mode.

Getting an extra edge over your Productivity

Once you are done with converting spreadsheet to web app, you get some amazingly surprising benefits of using an online excel database.

Creating interactive web-based reports: Once you import your data on Trunao – Spreadsheet Database, you can easily access through bulk of data and make web based reports in real time.

Access from anywhere, anytime: Your web based excel app can be embedded on any intranet or website which allows a round the clock access to your data.

Managing User access and permissions: You get a completely secured platform where you can easily assign accessibility to authentic users and set passwords to protect your data.

Controlling different versions: Sharing spreadsheets with multiple users becomes much secure as the master copy gets saved into central database and remains intact.

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