Is Excel Spreadsheet Considered as a Database?

Spreadsheet Considered as a Database

Most often questions arise if Excel spreadsheet should be considered a database or not. Several such factors have already come into notice and they are usually discussed to judge true worth of the current Information Technology (IT) infrastructure revolution. While many direct and indirect transformations are already happening each day, there is much to evaluate and assess in the present context.

  • Managing online database is the need of the hour
  • Absolute data monitoring is sought to avoid discrepancies
  • Best security measures are needed for the ceaseless functioning
  • Skilled workforces monitoring assures availing flawless service
  • Overall operational assessments for data safety & security

What Distinguishes Trunao Software?

It goes without saying that Excel spreadsheets are now lagging behind than some of the finest software solutions which are beforehand. The power of Trunao software can be best understood in this context that even if it is a new player in the market, its data storing and other related features remain at par. Some of the unique features which keep this software in the leading position include;

  • No worries for installation
  • Fast loads thus always helpful
  • Easy and quick data management
  • 100% secure and effective solution
  • Strategically planned data management
  • Hassle-free data management option

As Trunao software doesn’t require you to do unnecessary efforts for installation, it is preferred on the Excel spreadsheets for usage. Furthermore, its extreme fastness in the load times further makes everything better. The best part with it is that it doesn’t matter how large is the record, loading time is usually consistent and planned.

Genuine Solution

Some more features which keep Trunao in leading position include unique built-in filters in this software besides AutoSave option to save the data and information faster and of course hassle-free sharing options to make this software paramount. Besides easy online database sharing, it also facilitates professional document or image attachment options to maintain data records on various platforms.

Trunao software functions smoothly in Cloud systems to maintain proper security besides providing best backup opportunities. That is why it has already gained a leading position as a sought after database solution unlike Excel spreadsheets today.

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