Keep Your Spreadsheets from Miss happening

Keep Your Spreadsheets from Miss happening

Troubles can be easily put aside, if the most frequently occurring mistakes are prevented by us and if you know how to convert Excel to a web application. It increases productivity and improves the overall functioning of Excel. Even if you are an expert in dealing with Excel, you do tend to make mistakes. We are putting forth some useful suggestions that are likely to make your Excel experience amazing.  With Trunao, let’s skim through a brief description on them:

Don’t Trust Linked Workbooks

Excel workbooks that are well connected to each other and that are also dependent on each other can always be misinterpreted. They are more than enough to puzzle you. Maybe you can get used to them if you are a single user, but for multiple users, they are not suggested.

Data Should Not Be Ruined

We as amateur users, do tend to ruin our existing or previous data and enter new data in its place. In this way we can deprive ourselves of the essential information that can be used in future. An online Excel database prevents us from doing such damages.

Tables in Excel Should Be Widely Used

Table objects come with attractive features. They can be easily formatted and various calculations can be performed because that is an in-built feature in them.

Blanks Shouldn’t Be Left

Once may come across sorting problems as well improper filtering if blanks are not filled out. Correct values cannot be attained, if time and again we leave blanks and spaces unfilled.

Don’t Give Excel the Position of a Database

If you do this, you might have to confront damages that wouldn’t be repaired and confusions that wouldn’t be easily resolved.

Don’t Ignore Work Security

Creation of an Excel spreadsheet requires the involvement of your time as well as effort. It is something of great significance. Therefore, it shouldn’t be roaming around and reaching out to the unwelcome people. Make sure to lock the to-be-protected cells that should not be modified by anyone. This will assure security and reliability.

Avoid Referring Columns with Numerical Values

It might be an attractive and easy thing to have column names with numerical values. But it can really be catastrophic.

If you convert Excel to online database, all these probable dangers can be avoided and productivity will be enhanced. Trunao will surely help you out in these.

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