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converting your spreadsheets into app

You must have encountered businesses instilling information related to their different activities into spreadsheets. But what we need is that these spreadsheets should be effective and productive to the numerous people that have been associated with them. They should be in the reach of all the members in the team through an online excel database. There arise several queries in your minds regarding the number of people accessing it and their varying locations, the speed of your app, the benefits that people will derive from your app, and the approachability of your app to mobile phones, PCS or laptops. These are the essentials that require you to convert excel to web applications, and therefore, Trunao has plenty of tools for you to facilitate this conversion process.

To have an online Excel database, you must make sure that your spreadsheet finds place in Google docs. All you need to do is upload it there. And then you can implement Google app script on it which makes all the Google docs members, such as word docs, Excel spreadsheets or Access databases, forms, etc.—active and on the move, means that they rest on a central focal point, within the reach of everyone who require it.

Now, let us tell you what all you think of app is capable of:

Apps allow you to browse through them, to have a glimpse of various lists, picture galleries and an array of user-friendly content. They make an access to your personal information, you either have to purchase them or show your preferences to them or ‘accept’ their conditions.

Why we need to convert excel to web applications?

Reason behind this is that Excel make things helter-skelter. Misleading files revolve around among people leading to a kind of anarchic situation. App clouds such as Office 365 have made the things much easier and simpler. App clouds are constructed using apps and then they play the role of shared databases.

Here are some steps to follow for creating online excel database:

  • Identify the Data Source and Choose It: The data can be found on your Excel sheet or google doc or it can be a part of third parties such as Microsoft Dynamics, etc.
  • Take the help of App Wizard for choosing templates.
  • Demarcate cells—Input and Result Cells: Make a list of cells that can be transported into the app. And you don’t have to cram the entire list into it. Only certain cells need to be chosen. Captions can be modified by you. Moreover, every element can be directly changed by using the mouse.
  • Your turn to Pick Relevant Theme: This adds to the visual effects of your app that shows so many calculations

Now if you have any queries as to how to create a spreadsheet or how to create web apps, head towards Trunao.

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