Benefits of Converting Excel to an App

Benefits of Converting Excel to an App

Using a software platform like Trunao, which offers a perfect coding solution to manage and modify your excel spreadsheets in a desired way. It simplifies the complete process and provides you with a robust and secure online excel database to operate.

We are going to discuss some important aspects of how to convert excel to web application and the benefits related to it.

Secured Platform: By allowing multiple people to input and amend data may make excel sheet corrupt, when you convert excel to database, it offers you a completely secure tool which can be easily shred in and out of your organization. You can restrict multiple users according to their needs and whether they can make any changes or can just see the information, you want them to view.

Effective Versioning: Again, sharing excel sheet with different people and departments may create a confusion regarding the original or master copy. By making excel an app, the original version is stored centrally and you can easily share its different versions as per your needs.

Saves Time: As you are able to avoid many pitfalls in running a spreadsheet process, this saves you your precious hours of basic and repetitive work. It helps you to create a streamline your project and implement sustainable improvements.

Automation and Integration: Your excel spread sheet often requires access to other data sources or programs with conventional copy-paste activities. It enables process automation where data can be generated by running other programs or querying databases and that too without the involvement of user.

Active Notifications: You get automatically generated notifications e-mails for any approval, additional input from other users or departments which helps to streamline the complete process in well-structured manner.

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