Trunao Excel Online: Tips, Tricks, and Hidden Features You Should Know

Trunao Excel Online - Tips, Tricks, and Hidden Features You Should Know

If you’ve used Other Apps on your desktop for many years, switching to an online Application may appear like a frightening even unneeded transition.

However, Trunao Online Excel editor has a free trial and provides additional benefits to users who use other apps. If you’re using the Online version, you can connect your spreadsheet with other web-based applications which allows you to collect additional information or automate processes.

The best part is that Trunao helps you collaborate with your coworkers on bigger projects.

Trunao is a fantastic choice for collecting, displaying, and analyzing your data. If you’ve never purchased other desktop version apps, You can start with Trunao for a free trial today. Furthermore, Trunao Excel Online editor offers almost all the features of Excel Desktop and features, so if you’re looking to collaborate or use the internet features, it’s worth making the switch.

We’ll explore the ways to make use of Trunao Excel Online and evaluate the functions of Excel Online against desktop Excel and examine some of the obscure online functions you’ll want to learn about.

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1. Surveys

If you’re using other apps on a computer and you want to make use of third-party survey makers to collect data for surveys. If you’re using Trunao excel to web application, you don’t require this extra step you can make surveys directly on the website.

2. Share Your Spreadsheet

You can share your documents with others and let these individuals edit, or look over your information. In your spreadsheet, you can add the persons with limited full access to other user.

There’s no doubt that there are numerous other tips or tricks and entertaining tools that are only available in Trunao online excel editor free. Try it for yourself tell us via Twitter if you discover any other amazing online features.

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