Why You Should Turn Excel Spreadsheets into Apps

The world is heading towards digital transformation and with this, the need to automate every single process in a businesses also emerged. Innovative technologies have transformed business functionalities on a significant level and with this technological shift, Trunao came up with the best solution for spreadsheet to web app conversion. Getting an online Excel database gives you multiple benefits which will be discussed in this post in detail.

Increased Employee Productivity

With an online Excel database, you get some amazing features to automate your several functions and it is quite easy to integrate your file version with different browsers. Moreover, with a spreadsheet to web app conversion, the users are allowed to perform various critical tasks and share information in real time and get quick responses from different departments which overall results in swift activities and enhanced performance. No matter whatever size of data you are dealing in, the excel web app allows you to segment and enforce various processes in a defined way.

Avoiding Version Confusions

You often have to share your spreadsheet with different users, departments and other sources where users may create a confusion regarding the master copy or the original one. Also access to different users may result in several errors in your important data. When you convert spreadsheet database, your master copy is centrally stored in the database and you can perform desired functions on a much authentic and basic version.

Unmatched Compatibility

An Excel web app runs on a secure server and you can easily assign its access to authorized users where they only require a web browser instead of any local software. By embedding intelligence at the user interface, you can also limit the margins of errors which makes your data more secure and compliant. Hence, sharing, interpreting data and preparing timely reports is handled in real time with much secured process.

Time Management

When you work on a web based Excel application, it gives you immense functionalities to deal with your massive data in no time which allows you to save much of your valuable time for other important works. As everything becomes automated, so you don’t need to wait for responses and cross-check reports repeatedly every time they are shared among different users. This helps in a great sense to save valuable time for your employees to prepare timely reports.  

Eliminating Human Errors

Now again, sharing spreadsheets with multiple users is always error-prone and many organizations have faced serious consequences because of this. Using Excel as a web app provides you completely secure platform where you can easily assign permissions through passwords and even restrict access to only authentic users according to your requirement. You can use different templates to share with different users where the original data remains intact.


5 Reasons Why You Should Ditch PC-based Spreadsheets for Web Applications

Spreadsheets are everywhere! They allow you to store, index and edit data in a simple and sophisticated manner. PC-based spreadsheets are relied upon by many organizations. However, this legendary tool has its shortcomings. Accessing data becomes a hassle for users once the worksheet becomes too heavy. Here are five reasons why you should move your spreadsheet to a web application.

Suitable Only for Single-User

As the spreadsheet continues to store data, it becomes laggy and heavy. Loss of time is something most organizations will frown upon. Taking your sheet online for multi-user collaboration will give speed to your operations.


Spreadsheets allow users to enter practically any data. Users tend to make mistakes while manually entering data, which can lead to unpleasant compromises. The conversion will help multiple users to work on the files with minimum to no errors.


Security of the sensitive organizational data is a major concern when creating and maintaining data on a large scale. But if you convert Excel to database, you get additional security as the data is hidden from unauthorized personnel.


Data is often subjected to scrutiny and final approvals. On a spreadsheet, this becomes an obstacle. However, when you convert Excel to web application, the data can be approved and even sent for client insights.

Difficult to keep a track

Spreadsheets are often used by different people related to the project, but when that happens, keeping a track of everyone and their input becomes close to impossible. On a database, keeping track of inputs becomes as easy as snapping your fingers.

Take your Excel data on a database today with Trunao to speed up the productivity and enable easy and real-time tracking of work that’s being done.


How can multiple users update an excel spreadsheet at the same time?

Excel is widely used in many businesses for data recording and analysis, among many other things. However, the legendary tool takes the back seat when multiple users work on it at the same time. As the data grows, the spreadsheet gets heavier and more difficult to use for desired outputs. You can create shared workbooks or create a database from an Excel spreadsheet. Here’s how you can make your Excel sheet editable for more than one user.

Shared Workbook

Saving the workbook as a shared one facilitates multiple users to simultaneously work on it. To do this, all you have to do is go to the review tab and select ‘share workbook’. Also, with a feature called co-authoring, multiple users can work on and edit a single workbook without having to worry about interference from others. Both internal and external collaborations become much easier with these simple hacks. Of course, creating a database in Excel is nothing new for data analysts, but doing so significantly slows the users down with heavy processing requirements of growing sheets.

Convert the Excel Sheet to Database

There’s no end to how much data you can store on an Excel sheet, but that doesn’t mean it comes without a cost. When an Excel sheet becomes heavy with lots of data, operating it becomes somewhat of a challenge, especially if multiple users are trying it. There’s a workaround to this, though. Taking your spreadsheet online not only allows multi-user editing, but it adds tons of more features such as added security and minimal errors. You may also convert data on a website to Excel simply by using ‘export to Microsoft Excel’ feature. Trunao offers great services to takes your Excel data to the cloud and make it to multiple users on an intuitive database with helpful, never-before-seen features.


Integrating Spreadsheets into a Website or WordPress Site

Many have called or emailed to check if Trunao can help to Integrate or embed spreadsheets into Websites or WordPress. The answer to this is an overwhelming YES.

The process of taking your sheet to the WordPress page of the website is quite simple in Trunao. It will take you less than an hour to integrate a spreadsheet and have it become available on your website once the sheet is converted to a Form in Trunao. All that is necessary is to enable the flag for Share Listing and copying the link to be put on your HTML page.

For step by step instructions, follow the link below.

2.5 Integrate Spreadsheet into Website or WordPress Site

It was quickly realized that a lot of individuals and small companies are struggling to take your sheets data and share it either through a login portal for your members or open it up for public consumption. And so, Trunao was also able to make their lives a lot simpler. Below is an example of public access usage for Trunao.

Since Trunao – free online excel editor has the ability for multiple pictures, the shared list on the web can also show the associated pictures for each of the records. For example, if the search listing is for a house on rent or sale, the host can put all the pictures to be browsed by the consumer.

Other examples include marriage database, car listing, Event attendees, etc.

Are you still using Excel or Google Spreadsheets? Time for a change.

Sign-up now and enjoy the features you have been missing.

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Sharing Forms with Confidence

Sharing Spreadsheets with others has always been a nightmare. In the past, the only way to send worksheets to others was by attaching them to emails and sending them across the World Wide Web. Any new changes to those spreadsheets meant a new version had to be emailed. It would clog up email accounts and sometimes even accidentally pick up the wrong version.

With the use of Trunao and Cloud Sharing, it has been extremely convenient and easy. Your users will always have the latest data at their fingertips. With the help of Trunao, you can also get the data on mobile and have exactly the same look and feel as it would on laptops or tablets.

With Google/Excel Spreadsheets, you can share your sheets so that everyone gets the entire sheet with either a view-only document or all edit features with no granular control. With Trunao Share, however, you have a lot more options and micro-managing control over your sheets and data. Let’s look at the various options in Trunao – online excel viewer and editor.

Share Permissions:

Form Menu to Select Share
Invite User tab

As shown in the image above, you can invite users as Admin or Users. Admins have full access similar to the Owners. Users have access to the permissions that you deem fit to authorize. You can restrict the user to any of the actions displayed above.

Column Restriction:

In addition to the permissions, you can also exercise control over which columns are sensitive in your sheets and must not be shown to others. At a column level, you can select groups to hide the columns. This way they will have all the other columns except for the ones you have explicitly blocked as shown below.

Are you still using Excel or Google Spreadsheets? Time for a change.

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Free Online Database Software | Trunao

If your organization maintains several larger databases, then you need to search a company which offers free online database Software.

Manage Your Data by Converting Excel to Online Database

Managing any company’s day to day task successfully has been considered a pillar for success. There are loads of data which are required to be managed effectively through involving ample workforce. The best part with it is that professionals are now supported with the state-of-the-art technology tools to get such things done in planned manner. If they fail to do so, they are surely going to affect the revenues of an organization they serve.

Free online database software Trunao

To manage a company’s data, you need a smart, unique and powerful tool to convert excel to online database. It should be noted here that MS Excel data lacks some workflow logic and team collaboration mechanisms. The converter is easy to use. All you need to do is just upload your files and let the software perform the rest task that too in the shortest possible time. Online Database would be ready with all the screens and in no time to keep you out of your worries.

In addition, you also get the features you would have sought to go live even if you have absolutely no technical knowledge or programming skills’ knowledge. There is no requirement of deeper technical competence for the said purpose. Anyone from anywhere can upload the data and then easily convert that into an online database. It requires no training to understand and get the steps done. That is why it is being practiced successfully by various industries including healthcare, tour & travel, real estate, handicrafts, and manufacturing units amongst others.

Benefits of Converting Excel to Online Database

A common saying is that you need to outsource your work to go ahead with an aim to save time and resources. Apart from outsourcing, you also require relying on the newer technologies to streamline your work as and when they are introduced. In the market, several types of web based excel application are now made available to ease such tasks of data management. Some common features of the software include:

  • Manage all business data categories with ease
  • Provide you safest access to the data
  • Give you a basis to make better business decisions
  • Save you time, efforts and money
  • Build you a database which precisely fits into your business process
  • Accessible online from anywhere and everywhere
  • It requires minimal technical knowledge to operate

Search a company which offers free online database management

If your organization maintains several larger databases, then you need to search a company which offers free online database management services. There are many firms that offer such services. You must consider only those that guarantee to offer easy to use and advanced excel to online database converter. In addition, the firm also must have a professional support team. For the advanced version of the software, you need the paid services.

Online search will be helpful to get the contact details of many such companies. Choose a reputed one like after making a thorough assessment of previous project handling. A reputed company would keep adding new features in the services offered to turn them perfect further. To ease your task to update all excel sheets and to generate multiple reports, online database software has truly proved a boon in disguise.


If you struggle with data in excel sheet, it is high time to replace ineffective Excel spreadsheets with an interactive online spreadsheet database. Whether you use Excel as an information repository or project tracking tool, it doesn’t matter. You can easily convert that into a custom online database and also add additional features such as authentication, user privileges, charts, and email alerts etc.


Is Excel Spreadsheet Considered as a Database?

Most often questions arise if Excel spreadsheet should be considered a database or not. Several such factors have already come into notice and they are usually discussed to judge true worth of the current Information Technology (IT) infrastructure revolution. While many direct and indirect transformations are already happening each day, there is much to evaluate and assess in the present context.

  • Managing online database is the need of the hour
  • Absolute data monitoring is sought to avoid discrepancies
  • Best security measures are needed for the ceaseless functioning
  • Skilled workforces monitoring assures availing flawless service
  • Overall operational assessments for data safety & security

What Distinguishes Trunao Software?

It goes without saying that Excel spreadsheets are now lagging behind than some of the finest software solutions which are beforehand. The power of Trunao software can be best understood in this context that even if it is a new player in the market, its data storing and other related features remain at par. Some of the unique features which keep this software in the leading position include;

  • No worries for installation
  • Fast loads thus always helpful
  • Easy and quick data management
  • 100% secure and effective solution
  • Strategically planned data management
  • Hassle-free data management option

As Trunao software doesn’t require you to do unnecessary efforts for installation, it is preferred on the Excel spreadsheets for usage. Furthermore, its extreme fastness in the load times further makes everything better. The best part with it is that it doesn’t matter how large is the record, loading time is usually consistent and planned.

Genuine Solution

Some more features which keep Trunao in leading position include unique built-in filters in this software besides AutoSave option to save the data and information faster and of course hassle-free sharing options to make this software paramount. Besides easy online database sharing, it also facilitates professional document or image attachment options to maintain data records on various platforms.

Trunao software functions smoothly in Cloud systems to maintain proper security besides providing best backup opportunities. That is why it has already gained a leading position as a sought after database solution unlike Excel spreadsheets today.


How to Create a Database from an Excel Spreadsheet?

Gone are the days when creating a Database from an Excel Spreadsheet used to be a draconian task. With the arrival of various software solutions especially Trunao, this task has become a child’s play. We have software support beforehand but it needs a systematic plan. Skilled professionals at this fast-growing company bring easy and affordable solutions to rely on.

Easy Process

Trunao – online excel sheet editor professionals imply innovative steps to get Databases created from an Excel Spreadsheet smoothly. They make the best use of software in customization for results.

  • Evaluate Microsoft Access features
  • Third-Party Database software
  • Web-based Database applications
  • Data imports applications
  • Editing information in Access
  • Secure and save record copies

Software tools have countless options to follow and complete procedures to use an existing database or the one created afresh. Planned inclusion of data consisting of data and tables is meant for the database.

Creating a linked table is mandatory to link data sources. It simplifies the creation of database hyperlinks. It simplifies the Excel database’s smooth opening in Access. Information editing constraint is its only limitation. Upon task completion, OK is clicked to finish database creation.

Excel Spreadsheet Facts

Trunao IT experts create Databases from Excel workbooks through software uses. In the usual cases, these spreadsheets are at least three so 1, 2, and 3 sheets. In one go only one such sheet is transferred. While doing that, software seeks a systematic database creation plan from various sheets consecutively to avail the following:

  • Avail delete, add, or edit options on Excel sheets
  • Planned creation of database in Access Database
  • Effective use of Import & Do Not Import tabs
  • Saving in the desired File Format

Experts at Trunao follow customized options including an online database for easy file uploading to editing information under an absolute IT programming solution. We take the least time for that. You aren’t asked to install software yet we complete those projects. Auto Save facility eases creating Database from an Excel Spreadsheet until safe storing of documents. Trunao team brings innovative solutions with Cloud or rest security features like backup facilities to retrieve data loss for safety.

Visit us at to find more.


Streamline Your Data by Converting Excel to Online Database

Making excel sheets and maintaining them has been the part and parcel of today’s life in multiple stages. No matter what industry you work in, your work profile demands you to be able to create and manage Excel sheets. This has most probably caused you to suffer from the chaos that Excel causes to its users. Although organizing data in Excel sheets and then sharing said sheets through emails can work for the small businesses. And if your business is booming and you are in need of massive amounts of data, then this route will not work for you. It can easily result into corrupted and confusing data, costing your organization huge time and money. It can even lead executives to make many incorrect decisions.

Convert Excel to Online Database

In such a scenario, you have an option to convert Excel to online database. This way you can save the data from getting corrupted. Excel sheets are not designed and or developed for collaboration with the multiple users at one go. In fact, most business activities require collaboration with many departments in the organizations concerned. Convert Excels to online database as it allows you to share the application to multiple users at some time in customized roles and permissions.

Benefits of Converting Excel to Online Database

  • One central place for the data
  • No file too big email bounces
  • Complete data security
  • Easy to use
  • Customized roles and permissions
  • Easy to share with others

Convert Excel Spreadsheet to Online Database

Manage your business data effectively through converting the Excel spreadsheet to online database. Trunao offers user-friendly tools with many useful features such as master-detail, attachments per record, change history per cell, etc. If you don’t have a Trunao account yet, sign up now for a free trial and move to your first excel to web application in minutes. You can share your feedback for us to continue improving our services.

Converting Excel files into Trunao online database not only diminishes your Excel chaos but also aids to create efficient workflows for better business processes.

Visit us at to find more.

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How data driven is your organization?

Around 56% of small to medium enterprises struggle between managing and maintaining their databases. Most of these businesses are at a loss while deciding to choose between using simple MS Excel spreadsheets and investing money in maintaining a cloud database solution. While both of these solutions have their respective benefits and advantages, the key difference between the two is that simple spreadsheets analyze data while database solutions uphold and maintain data. Convert Excel to Online Database

While technologies around us begin to transform from analog to digital, it becomes important for businesses to catch up on this digital transformation in order to stay in the competition. One of the most important steps to digital transformation is maintaining data in the cloud. Not only is this a smarter and a more efficient method compared to Excel spreadsheets but also increases the overall productivity of the business. There are several cloud database solutions out there. Some of them include programming in Tableau and MySQL whereas others include renting out relational database management systems from companies like Salesforce and Microsoft. While these are the most frequently used solutions utilized by larger enterprises, many of the smaller businesses hesitate to employ these solutions due to a lack of programming expertise in the team or a lack of funding to invest in ready-made CRM solutions.

Maintaining a cloud database is inevitable for any company in the market. Hence, in order to make this process a lot easier for small to medium enterprises, Trunao offers a readymade solution to fix this problem. Trunao is an excel to a cloud database converter. It is a simple solution that allows organizations and corporate users to upload their simple Excel files and instantly convert excel to web application free them into a ready-to-use database. As like mentioned before, this database turns out to be extremely useful in analyzing the daily routine of the company by providing empirical statistical solutions such as pivot table or smart analyses such as form and report generators, linked hierarchies between forms, real-time document and photo uploads linked to every row of the data, auto-save features and much more! Trunao is simply a user interface tool made to make the business processes of small companies much easier so that these companies stop worrying about managing and handling their data and focus entirely on their product development and marketing.

Finally, the main question that comes to anyone’s mind when they hear the word ‘cloud’ is whether their data will be secure. Trunao takes care of this concern by offering an end-to-end encryption feature to all its users. This feature creates a tunnel between the user and his/her data where there is no chance of any third-party interference. Hence, keeping the data secure and completely isolated. Additionally, it employs a cryptic architecture as well. By doing this your data can only be viewed by you and the people you share it with.

While these features might seem overwhelming and costly, Trunao offers free and unlimited access to the cloud to its single users, whereas a $10 per month subscription to its corporate users with a free 30-day trial period. Hence, not only is Trunao a cost-effective and efficient solution for data management but is also a quick and easy fix to problems faced by small and medium enterprises regarding their data.

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