Who Stands Out Between Spreadsheets And Database

excel vs database

Databases and spreadsheets usually employ various technologies. Both databases and spreadsheets play a vital role in the daily operations of many businesses. It has been a tricky debate for some time now but a clear answer is yet to be underlined.

What is a database?

A database could be defined as a structured set of data held in a computer that can be accessed in various ways. The word to emphasize here is “structured.”

Now, what is a structured data? Structured data is organized data which is a finely processed program and loose pieces of paper. It is a better way to care for your leads and search through them in a structured way.

Databases are generally used for,

  • Multiple users
  • Repetitive data sequence
  • Data management
  • Complex search queries
  • Data summary reports
  • Displaying data subsets

What are spreadsheets?

Spreadsheets is a software that creates and manages databases. However, unlike the database management system, spreadsheets have no schema. This is one of the major drawbacks in spreadsheets due to which there is no clarity on how and where data can be inputted.

A spreadsheet could be termed as a basic version of a database management system that contains tables, columns, a set of formulae that are human-readable and understandable.

Spreadsheets are generally used for,

  • Calculations
  • Chart management
  • Data Analysis
  • Statistical comparisons

Database vs Spreadsheets

Both systems have their own stature and both have their own merits and demerits. If compared in contrast, spreadsheets don’t scale for you as they are easier and cheaper to set up than databases or online excel database.

However, if you want to view the information systematically and stay informed over time, database outclasses spreadsheets. They are more common than spreadsheets at scaling and allow you to find your fit within your business ecosystem.

Below are some parameters to draw comparisons between the two.

  • Processing: When it comes to basic data processing, spreadsheets provide users with a range of automatic functions that are tailor-made for the rookies. On the other hand, the database offers a greater range of complexity in terms of data manipulation that must be expressed in programming or SQL code.
  • Accessing: With a database management system, several people can access the same data set and editing could be done as well. There is a sense of integrity with the database, whereas, this isn’t the case with spreadsheets as its access sometimes is limited to a single person. 
  • Presentation: Talking about the presentation, the database generally requires a higher level of technological expertise, whereas, with a spreadsheet, you can generate charts and graphs. 
  • Data Volume: Spreadsheets can interpret data and sort items on a list, but not for long-term storage data. The spreadsheet programs maintain statistical data modeling, computer data, and inventory. Meanwhile, the database needs little or no duplication of data among the information table. With the database, it is possible to improve data integrity and the ability to report and share data.

Conclusion: It is tough to call out a single name between the two. With the aid of Google sheets, spreadsheets have made a giant leap, whereas, database outlasts spreadsheets when it comes to data integrity. However, ultimately it’s your choice which one you have to use? Besides, if you want to convert excel into web application or online database, you can opt for ‘trunao’.

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