Things you didn’t know about converting Excel to online Database

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Microsoft Excel goes way back to like 40 years. The program has come a long way and not once it made us feel let down. In fact, it is considered to be the most useful and efficient spreadsheet manager or app in the world. Every single business relies on this program for smooth functioning and data management.

Even though it is hands down the best data management app available out there, it sometimes gets a bit confusing and messy which eventually affects the productivity. Well, if you are feeling like things are getting of your hands, then you can always rely on services like Trunao to convert your Excel sheets into database.

Converting your excel spreadsheet to database is possibly the best thing whenever you feel like there’s been some complications. Following is a list of some benefits which you can get.

  • A web app offers “auto save” feature
  • There’s no installation required
  • It offers fast load time with no lags whatsoever
  • The automatically generated forms can be easily customized
  • An online database can never lose your data no matter what
  • You can share your database with anyone, from your clients to employees and everyone in between.
  • Every data of yours is secured with Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS)

Following, is a list of features which most of the people don’t know about converting excel to web application:

  • Forms in an online database can be easily uploaded. You can collect relevant information by simply sending them the link. The form in an online database is built automatically and be customized as per the preferences.
  • The concept of filtering and sorting is pretty straight forward and predefined. For instance, if you see a column then a filter for that particular column can be automatically added.
  • You can easily share your online database with your colleagues and family member without any complications. The point is, you’ll be the only one who can control the whole sharing scenario.
  • The best part about an online database is the AutoSave feature. No one ever will lose their data no matter what. Moreover, you can get all the data from Forms even someone hasn’t submit.

The Best Conversion You Didn’t Know About

There are so many conversion services available but only a handful of them are reliable and effective. Amongst them we’ve got Trunao – online spreadsheet editor. You see Trunao is one of the best excel to database converters out there. The service is quite popular as it offers services as per the businesses’ requirements. 

They are known to be offering great offers and packages which we enlisted down below.

  • There are free services for single users.
  • Corporate accounts can be used for as low as $8 per month.
  • The most effective Auto Save feature.
  • Prices for enterprise accounts of more than 50 employees depend on the needs of the organization.
  • Every other charge is billed annually.

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