December 23, 2020


Convert Your Excel Data Into A Web App

The use of Excel spreadsheets is a very common thing seen in almost every business organization across the world. But to pace up among your competitors, you need to get an extra edge over your data and information. This post will guide you about how to switch to an online Excel database to improve your overall functionality and productivity of employees when you convert excel spreadsheets to web applications.

What do you need to do?

At first, you have to drag and drop your Excel file on a low-code software like Trunao. The software quickly scans your file and its data and then analyzes the type of security protocol depending on the amount of data.

Then it generates a domain model and data management pages. The software also checks any repetitions based on the relation in the data of your spreadsheet. Since your data is in spreadsheet format, hence you have to upload it into a database table which you will find in an option on the software itself. Uploading your spreadsheet into a database table will allow you to make any further changes in it as per your needs and requirements.

You can simply select the type of app you want to work on with this software platform. You can see a preview of your app before making it a ready-to-go platform. You can even add cells, charts, or lists in the way you want them to appear in your newly built web app. You can also make necessary changes in your app in the future as the software allows you multiple customization options.

Get specialized workflows

The kind of features and functionalities you get to perform with your all-new Excel web app is amazingly surprising as you can now store the main copy of your file in the database and share different versions among different departments without any trouble. Also, the scalability and integration of your spreadsheet to web app conversion provide you with exceptional performance. You can use this excel web app from any device, from anywhere, and at any point in time.

Convert Excel to an Online Database

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