Excel Online – How It Shouldn’t Play A Part In Your Business’ Data Storage Plan

Excel Online has gained much popularity these days as most of the organizations prefer to use it because of its swift usability and additional features to handle major tasks. However, the major irony which has always been a part of excel is that it can’t be used as a database.

Hence, if you are also doing so or planning to store your data on Excel Online, then we have something important to tell you about web based excel spreadsheet  conversion. With an increasing trend in digitization, the threats and security breaches have also become a major concern for businesses to deal with. This post will give you an insight on, why relying on Excel online may cause severe damages to your business.

Excel Online as a database

Data and information play a crucial role in managing several business functionalities and there is data related to your organization or your clients, which you may want to keep confidential and secure. Using Excel online to store any public or critical data can be a dreadful choice which can result in severe security issues further. Despite its hidden functionalities and add-ons, Excel online still doesn’t offer a secure and authentic platform for data storage option.

Risk Involved

No matter whatever features and functionalities Excel Online provides to your daily data handling, but the fact is, using it as a database solution is always risky. Anyone can easily gain access to your uploaded spreadsheets and steal your data. Even if you have disabled copy and paste function, it can be done taking screenshots. Excel offers weak data protection capabilities which can’t just be relied in terms of keeping valuable and confidential data in it.

Securing Data Becomes Monotonous

You might be thinking to keep your data safe by using VBA codes but that may also not work sufficiently for you as every time, some other user wants an access to your data regarding some important update, you have to remove the codes and this becomes really tedious and time consuming process. Also keeping track of which all spreadsheets have assigned codes and which not, becomes quite impossible as there are hundreds of them to be monitored.

Difficult to Assign Roles and Responsibilities

Let’s not forget the fact that sharing passwords seems to be a matter of trust and there are people who can’t be judged on this. Any unauthorized access to your data can prove to be highly destructive. Moreover, hiding columns with sensitive information is also not possible in Excel and any one can see it in preview mode of your workbook. There are several other complexities regarding excel spreadsheets which are always prone to security-threat in terms of storage.

The Solution

When you choose to convert spreadsheet to database free, you get a complete set of secured and advanced features to work on. Switching to customized online database solution will pay you rich dividends in terms of data protection and security. Cloud computing technology is always easy to use and provides safer platform to store your valuable and confidential data.


Convert Excel Spreadsheets into Web Database Applications

The way technology has transformed every aspect of our da-to-day lives is known well to everyone. Especially when it comes to organizational use, businesses are looking for best software for different departments which can automate their processes and provide a great ease along with transparency in workflows. The same is the case with using Excel spreadsheets. Spreadsheets have been major application for handling all organizational data for almost every organization across the globe. In the recent times, with the advent of various technologies, excel users are also seeking for a solution which can simplify various issues which are quite complex to deal with traditional excel spreadsheets.

Trunao has the technological solution for this

Trunao is a cloud based data management system which offers you a platform where you can simply convert Excel spreadsheet to web application free. A low-code software which efficiently manages to provide you a web based excel app without any serious coding skills which you can access through any device and on different browsers. Moreover, the speed, compatibility and the security which you get in dealing with your web based excel apps will surely surprise you in many ways.

Developing a web-based Excel app with Trunao

When you upload your spreadsheet on this software, the spreadsheet converter quickly scans the data. Fully loaded with all built-in programs and coding, you just have to follow some simple steps and make amendments or add the features which you want in your excel web app. The app can be saved in the device, with an icon on the home screen. You can simply start with your web app without even downloading it as you do with other apps in your smartphones. The app remains functional even in the offline mode and you can perform live data entry even in the flight mode.

Getting an extra edge over your Productivity

Once you are done with converting spreadsheet to web app, you get some amazingly surprising benefits of using an online excel database.

Creating interactive web-based reports: Once you import your data on Trunao – Spreadsheet Database, you can easily access through bulk of data and make web based reports in real time.

Access from anywhere, anytime: Your web based excel app can be embedded on any intranet or website which allows a round the clock access to your data.

Managing User access and permissions: You get a completely secured platform where you can easily assign accessibility to authentic users and set passwords to protect your data.

Controlling different versions: Sharing spreadsheets with multiple users becomes much secure as the master copy gets saved into central database and remains intact.


The Best Way to Make Apps from Excel

When you choose to convert Excel spreadsheet to web application, you get a vast variety of advanced features and functionalities which can definitely improve your productivity and save much of valuable time. We have mentioned a smart and simple way to switch to an online Excel database.

How to get started?

Select an apt low-coding platform like Trunao which is designed, keeping in view to create links between your official tool and the vast world of mobile apps. Apps generated from Trunao already integrate perfectly with all websites and provide great support for its users. In whatever format is your Excel spreadsheet, the excel to online database will support all basic functions of Microsoft Excel including the Macros and VBA. Apart from this, you can add features and functionalities as per your need.

Steps to be followed:

Step 1: In this phase, you have to upload your Excel spreadsheet on a low-code platform. The software completely analyzes the type of data in your spreadsheet and structures it in a tabular format.

Step 2: The column names in your spreadsheet is turned into field names and you can easily edit these names as per your further needs. You can even edit the field names or the tables in it.

Step 3: The lookups (if any) will get auto-populated while entering in parent data. You can view and edit the existing data relationships and can even create new ones. Once you are done with all sort of changes you want to enter in it, just click on the “create app” and it is done.

Just following these three simple steps, you can get a high-performance excel to web app free which you can now access from anywhere and at any point of time. Without any knowledge of serious coding skills, you can simply follow the instructions provided by the software and it does it for you. You can add, edit and delete records, update one or more fields and select various features which you want in your newly developed web app.


Convert Your Excel Data Into A Web App

The use of Excel spreadsheets is a very common thing seen in almost every business organization across the world. But to pace up among your competitors, you need to get an extra edge over your data and information. This post will guide you about how to switch to an online Excel database to improve your overall functionality and productivity of employees when you convert excel spreadsheets to web applications.

What do you need to do?

At first, you have to drag and drop your Excel file on a low-code software like Trunao. The software quickly scans your file and its data and then analyzes the type of security protocol depending on the amount of data.

Then it generates a domain model and data management pages. The software also checks any repetitions based on the relation in the data of your spreadsheet. Since your data is in spreadsheet format, hence you have to upload it into a database table which you will find in an option on the software itself. Uploading your spreadsheet into a database table will allow you to make any further changes in it as per your needs and requirements.

You can simply select the type of app you want to work on with this software platform. You can see a preview of your app before making it a ready-to-go platform. You can even add cells, charts, or lists in the way you want them to appear in your newly built web app. You can also make necessary changes in your app in the future as the software allows you multiple customization options.

Get specialized workflows

The kind of features and functionalities you get to perform with your all-new Excel web app is amazingly surprising as you can now store the main copy of your file in the database and share different versions among different departments without any trouble. Also, the scalability and integration of your spreadsheet to web app conversion provide you with exceptional performance. You can use this excel web app from any device, from anywhere, and at any point in time.