Why You Should Turn Excel Spreadsheets into Apps

Turn Excel Spreadsheets

The world is heading towards digital transformation and with this, the need to automate every single process in a businesses also emerged. Innovative technologies have transformed business functionalities on a significant level and with this technological shift, Trunao came up with the best solution for spreadsheet to web app conversion. Getting an online Excel database gives you multiple benefits which will be discussed in this post in detail.

Increased Employee Productivity

With an online Excel database, you get some amazing features to automate your several functions and it is quite easy to integrate your file version with different browsers. Moreover, with a spreadsheet to web app conversion, the users are allowed to perform various critical tasks and share information in real time and get quick responses from different departments which overall results in swift activities and enhanced performance. No matter whatever size of data you are dealing in, the excel web app allows you to segment and enforce various processes in a defined way.

Avoiding Version Confusions

You often have to share your spreadsheet with different users, departments and other sources where users may create a confusion regarding the master copy or the original one. Also access to different users may result in several errors in your important data. When you convert spreadsheet database, your master copy is centrally stored in the database and you can perform desired functions on a much authentic and basic version.

Unmatched Compatibility

An Excel web app runs on a secure server and you can easily assign its access to authorized users where they only require a web browser instead of any local software. By embedding intelligence at the user interface, you can also limit the margins of errors which makes your data more secure and compliant. Hence, sharing, interpreting data and preparing timely reports is handled in real time with much secured process.

Time Management

When you work on a web based Excel application, it gives you immense functionalities to deal with your massive data in no time which allows you to save much of your valuable time for other important works. As everything becomes automated, so you don’t need to wait for responses and cross-check reports repeatedly every time they are shared among different users. This helps in a great sense to save valuable time for your employees to prepare timely reports.  

Eliminating Human Errors

Now again, sharing spreadsheets with multiple users is always error-prone and many organizations have faced serious consequences because of this. Using Excel as a web app provides you completely secure platform where you can easily assign permissions through passwords and even restrict access to only authentic users according to your requirement. You can use different templates to share with different users where the original data remains intact.

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